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University Information Technology (UIT) is here to help you prepare for success at UND. This guide will walk you through setting up your UND accounts and personal devices. We can help you choose the best computer and walk you through installing the software you will likely need to so you can focus on your course work instead of stressing over tech.


1. Claim Your NDUS Account

Info! NDUS is shorthand for North Dakota University System. Every university in North Dakota signs into their account the exact same way. If you have ever attended another NDUS school, your account is already claimed.
Danger! You must claim your NDUS account on a computer to access UND systems. Mobile devices are not compatible.

  1. Find your EMPLID on your acceptance letter or by following the steps under the "Find my EMPLID" menu.
  2. Go to UND Claim.
  3. Select the Claim Your Account button.
  4. Play the short video from the NDUS Chancellor.
  5. Enter your EMPLID and date of birth.

Enter your EMPLID and date of birth on the following page.

  1. Click Continue.
  2. The next screen will provide your NDUS.identifier which you use to log into most UND systems.
  3. Check the box to agree to NDUS policies and then select Continue.
  4. There will be a confirmation that your account has been activated.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Now follow the rules to create your password. Then confirm your password.

Now follow the rules to create your password. Then confirm your password.

  1. Click Change Password. You will receive a confirmation.
  2. Select Continue.
  3. Your account is now claimed and you should have access to most UND systems.
Warning! Blackboard takes an additional 2 days after claiming your account to gain access. 

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2. Set Up Duo MFA

Info! Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) is an online security system for your sensitive and personal information. It requires more than just a password for access. The goal is to create a layered defense for your data so that an unauthorized person finds it more difficult to access. If your password becomes compromised, there will be another level of security to keep your information safe. UND uses Duo MFA to provide you with even better security for your sensitive information.
Warning! Duo prompts you to enroll when you log into a protected VPN, server, or web application. You can also enroll at the Duo Login.

1. Visit and click Start setup to begin enrolling your device.

Begin Enrollment

2. Select the type of device you would like to enroll and click Continue. We recommend using a smart phone for the best experience, but you can also enroll a land-line telephone, a U2F token, or an iOS/Android tablet.

Select the type of device you would like to enroll and click Continue. We recommend using a smart phone for the best experience, but you can also enroll a land-line telephone, a U2F token, or an iOS/Android tablet.

3. Select your country from the drop-down menu and enter your phone number. Use the number of your smartphone, landline, or cell phone that you have with you when logging in to a Duo-protected service. You can enter an extension if you chose "Landline" in the previous step. Double-check that you entered it correctly, check the box, and click Continue.

Enter and Confirm Phone Number

4. Choose your device's operating system and click Continue.

Select Device Platform

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3. Check Your UND Email

Info! Students, faculty, and staff at UND use the Microsoft Office 365 email system, which is provided by the North Dakota University System (NDUS).
Warning! Your sign-in email address ends with because your account was created as part of the North Dakota University System (NDUS). This is only used to sign in to your account. Your email address that you will give out is still (ex:

Log in to this system with

  1. Your email is available on by clicking on the Logins dropdown in the menu, then selecting Email. Or go directly to the login page at Outlook Web Access

Login shortcut found on

  1. Sign in with: (ex:

Email log in

  1. Password: The password you created when you claimed your NDUS account. It is also used to access Campus Connection and Blackboard.
  2. When you log in for the first time, you will need to specify your time zone so your messages are time stamped correctly.
  3. You may be prompted to authenticate with Duo MFA. 

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4. Log in to Campus Connection

Info! Campus Connection is the system that you'll use to apply for housing, accept or decline financial aid awards, register for classes, pay your bill and more. 
  1. Campus Connection is available on by clicking on the Logins dropdown in the menu, then selecting Campus Connection. Or go directly to the login page at Campus Connection.

Campus Connection login

  1. On the login page, enter your User ID and Password (NDUS credentials).
  2. Click Log In.

Campus Connection How-to guides and FAQs

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5. Buy your computer

Warning! UIT does not recommend using mobile devices, tablets, or chromebooks as your primary work device as some systems and applications are not compatible. These do however make great auxiliary devices.

In general, any new Windows or Mac laptop or desktop you can find from a retailer should work well for your student work at UND. Choosing a Windows or a Mac machine is a personal preference and both are widely used and supported on campus. Did you know UIT offers free student computer support and we are Apple-certified?

UND General Tech Requirements for Students

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6. Install Anti-Virus Software 

Danger! It is strongly recommended that personally owned computers connecting to the UND network have anti-virus software running at all times.




Microsoft Windows Defender



BitDefender (Free edition)








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7. Get Office 365 Apps

Info! Your Office 365 account lets you install your favorite Office programs onto up to 5 personal computers. Microsoft 365 Apps installation includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, and OneDrive for Business on your desktop.
Warning! Don’t forget that your email login is your and your password is the same as Campus Connection and Blackboard.
  1. Log into your UND web email at:
  2. The default home page will show all your apps. Click Install Office in the top right.

Find the Install Office app in the top-right of the apps menu.

  1. Then select Office 365 apps.

Options for Install Office.

  1. Your download will begin and you will be prompted with instructions.

Office Installation instructions.

  1. Follow the on-screen prompts and when you are asked to sign in, use your email login and password.

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8. Connect to the UND Wi-Fi Once on Campus

Info! UND's network provides secure access to the internet and administrative systems. Students, faculty, and staff can connect to the network while on campus or off campus. Wireless networks are available to UND faculty, staff, students, their sponsored guests, and members of the eduroam federation.
Warning! It is recommended that students, faculty, and staff connect to the “UND Protected” as it offers complete encryption between endpoints.
  1. Connect to the "UND Open" WiFi network.
  2. Open a browser window to 
  3. Select Students, Faculty, and Staff Access.
  4. Enter your NDUS.identifier and click JoinNow.
  5. Follow the on-screen directions.

Complete steps to Connect to the UND Wi-Fi networks


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9. Find Your Online Classes in Blackboard

Info! Blackboard is UND's Learning Management System connecting students, faculty and staff both inside and outside of the classroom. It is used for courses, organizations, committees, departments and groups.
Warning! Blackboard takes an additional 2 days after claiming your account to gain access. However, you may not see your enrolled courses until the 1st day of class.
  1. Blackboard is available on by clicking on the Logins dropdown in the menu, then selecting Blackboard. Or go directly to the login page at Blackboard.
  2. Log in using your NDUS credentials and click Login.
  3. In the green top-navigation bar, select My UND.
  4. Courses and organizations you are enrolled in will be shown on the right.
  5. To get into a course, select the course/organization from that menu.

Within a Course

Course navigation is found on the left and content on the right. The landing page usually shows course announcements and your next steps.

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10. Online Class Meetings in Zoom 

Info! UND Zoom accounts are automatically created with a pro license  Sign in to Zoom to create your account.
  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In.
  3.  On the NDUS Sign In page, enter your NDUS.Identifier username and password.
  4. Click Sign In.
  5. Once signed in, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Downloads to download and install the Zoom Client for Meetings.
  6. Once the Zoom Meeting Client is downloaded and installed, you will click Sign in with SSO.  Enter UND for the company domain and then sign in using your NDUS credentials.
Info! Run and sign into the Zoom Client before joining your Zoom sessions to ensure you are signed into your UND Zoom account. Your instructor will post a link to your Zoom session in your Blackboard course or share the link by email prior to your first class session if Zoom is being used.
Info! Please contact your instructor if you do not know the URL for your class.

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Access Virtual Desktops with UND Labs Anywhere

Apporto is a virtual desktop solution that can be accessed through a web browser and is compatible with any device. The licensed software within Apporto can be utilized both on and off campus.

Some key features of UND Labs Anywhere are:

  • User-friendly, streamlined access, enhanced performance, and increased availability.
  • Operating system agnostic. Only requires HTML5 compliant web browsers (eg, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari).
  • It opens virtualized instances of only the software you want to use. The application is opened directly in your browser.
  • Save files and data under your login credentials to OneDrive to access the data across applications.
  • Integrated with Blackboard.

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Purchase additional software in the UND Software Store

Info! Students who are currently enrolled in at least one course at the institution may install the software on their personal computers at a discount. 

Log into the UND Software Store with your NDUS credentials.


Get More Help! University Information Technology is here to assist in all your technology needs, from password issues to app installation and more. You can find our contact methods at the bottom of every knowledge article, you can self-help by browsing or searching for answers, or you can can view our hours and locations to call or visit us. We would love to hear from you!

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