New to UND! Student Account & Technical Resources

Claim Your Account

Got your EMPLID in the mail? Use it to "claim" your account, get your and set a password.

Duo 2FA

Secure your UND account with a smartphone to protect against stolen passwords.

UND Email

UND uses Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving all the most important communications.

Campus Connection

Register for classes, review financial aid, holds, tuition/fees, and update personal info.

Secure Wi-Fi

Connect to "UND Protected" for fast, secure Wi-Fi anywhere on campus.

Courses In BlackBoard

Assignments, announcements, exams, grades, and much more.

Microsoft 365 Apps

The full suite of Microsoft (Office) 365 apps free. Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & more!

Zoom Online Classes

For distance students, or when you just can't make it to class in person.

UND Labs Anywhere

Remotely access powerful computers loaded with industry standard software.

Software Discounts

Get software deals only available to students.
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