Service Catalog

Categories (12)

Computers and Printing

Get help for all of your computers and devices, uPrint or other printing on campus, or check out equipment.

Teaching and Learning

UND offers a wide range of technologies for teaching and learning to meet the needs of faculty, staff, and students. The Instructional Design and Digital Learning office helps to connect faculty with the appropriate technology tools to promote collaboration, enhance communication, and share knowledge for both online and traditional instruction.

Accounts and Security

Get help with your UND logins and passwords and protect your computers and information from viruses, spyware and phishing emails

Telephones and Webinars

Get telecommunications and videoconferencing assistance for telephones, webinars and other communication tools.

Applications and Software

Get help or report issues with UND supported software and applications, library systems, and software installation/troubleshooting.

Office 365 and Email

Get help or report issues with Office 365 services including campus email, calendars, shared inboxes, TEAMs and OneDrive.

Internet and Wi-Fi

Get help or report issues with UND's wired and wireless networks. Register your devices on the network, or get assistance connecting.

Classroom Support

Get assistance with technology in a classroom or conference room or get advice around designing or using the technology.

Professional Services

Request other UND IT professional services like Technical Consultation, Project Requests, Digital Signage and 3D printing.

File Storage and Servers

Get help with Microsoft Office 365 cloud storage options like OneDrive, and TEAMs as well as alternative storage choices.

Web Services

The Web team provides services related to the UND website, Omni CMS, Wordpress blogs, My UND App and other web applications.

Purchasing and Procurement

UIT facilitates the purchase of college or campus wide hardware and software solutions.

Services (2)

Guest Services

Get assistance without logging in if you are: a guest to campus, don't know your username or password, someone with a username starting with "t.", an exam proctor, or someone off-campus with a telecom issue.

Tech Support Request

The Quick-Ticket Submission option creates a general ticket to UND Tech Support. It is intended for any issues not found under Service categories. This option requires you have a UND account to submit an incident or request.