Teaching and Learning

UND offers a wide range of technologies for teaching and learning to meet the needs of faculty, staff, and students. The Instructional Design and Digital Learning office helps to connect faculty with the appropriate technology tools to promote collaboration, enhance communication, and share knowledge for both online and traditional instruction.

Services (8)


Get help with all things Blackboard related.

Digital Media Instructional Design

A Digital Media Instructional Designer aids faculty in generating and implementing more interactive and creative solutions for your learners’ needs. Examples include interactive media, such as videos, voices recordings, interactive learning modules.


GradeScope can check and grade multiple choice questions

Online Tutoring & Training

Get information on UND-licensed solutions for online tutoring and training, like Hoonuit, and SMARTHINKING.

Proctoring (UND Proctoring System)

Get help with proctored exams, including designating a proctor, setting up a proctored exam, and help for proctors trying to log into the system, accept designations, and find exam passwords.

Research & Surveys

Get information and training on various research, statistical, and survey tools offered at UND.

TurningPoint Response Systems

Request help with TurningPoint Response Systems.

Zoom Health License Request (HIPAA Compliant)

The Zoom Health License can be applied to a UND Zoom account and modifies the account to enforce advanced security settings to ensure that any Zoom sessions that the license holder creates and hosts will be either meeting or exceeding HIPAA security guidelines.