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Services or Offerings?
Get help logging into Campus Connection, Blackboard, Office 365 email, HRMS, UND Wireless Network, and all the other systems used at UND.

Get help with AIMS.

Faculty and staff, get help with your UND-owned desktop or laptop or printer.

Get help with all things Blackboard related.

Request technical support for a classroom.

Get help with Microsoft OneDrive.

Request accounts within research or request help within research computing environments.

Request technical support for a computer lab.

Register your device (gaming console, smart TV, streaming device) to be used on the residence hall network.

A Digital Media Instructional Designer aids faculty in generating and implementing more interactive and creative solutions for your learners’ needs. Examples include interactive media, such as videos, voices recordings, interactive learning modules.

Get help with Eduroam wireless network on campus.

Check out equipment, such as laptops, projectors, etc. for meetings/conferences and working from home.

GradeScope can check and grade multiple choice questions

Guests can request support for technical issues.

Request guest access to UND networks.