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UIT provides Faculty, Staff and Students with check out equipment, such as Windows and Apple laptops, Chromebooks, MIFI/Personal wireless hotspots, projectors/screens and more.

Faculty and Staff can ask questions not covered by the Digital Storage Solutions FAQ page.

Report a Telecommunications issue or request additional services from the Unified Communications Team

ResNet is an organization run by student staff under the supervision of UND Housing. Students can get assistance connecting to the campus network and general computer and software help.

Get training services for academic software.

Get help logging into Campus Connection, Blackboard, Microsoft (Office) 365 email, HRMS, UND Wireless Network, and almost all the other systems used at UND.

Get help with all things Blackboard related.

Blackboard instructors can request course merges, content imports, add/remove users from a course or organization, a new under development site, and a new organization site by submitting this completed form.

Blackboard Ultra is a new, modern, and easy-to-use interface of Blackboard. Instructor requests may be submitted here to convert an existing semester-based course or receive an under-development or “sandbox” Blackboard site to begin developing in the Ultra experience.

Information on products and services used in creating video-based presentations like PowerPoint, VoiceThread and YuJa.

A Digital Media Instructional Designer aids faculty in generating and implementing more interactive and creative solutions for your learners’ needs. Examples include interactive media, such as videos, voices recordings, interactive learning modules.

Report an issue with Multi-Factor Authentication (DUO MFA), request help setting up the DUO app on your smartphone, changing the authentication phone number or other authentication methods or get assistance with hardware authentication tokens.

Students can report issues with the uPrint system and print kiosks or request a refund for jobs that did not print.

Instructional designers assist faculty in course design, implementing effective teaching strategies and integration of academic technology into teaching and learning.

Get help with online tools used to facilitate online meetings and classroom experiences. Users can also use this request form to obtain a Zoom webinar license for an event.

If you are requesting a Zoom webinar license for an event that lasts longer than one day, please use the Additional Details field to outline the days required. Please note that the license is only available for a one week lease per request.