Unified Communications

Get telecommunications and videoconferencing assistance for telephones, webinars and other communication tools.

Services (8)

Get Unified Communications Assistance

Report a Telecommunications issue or request additional services from the Unified Communications Team

Get Assistance with GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Report an issue with the GlobalProtect VPN solution, or request help installing or using the VPN to access campus specific resources.

Live Streaming Event Assistance

Submit approval for events or get help with the platforms and equipment for a successful and engaging live stream event.

Online Collaboration/Meetings

Get help with online tools used to facilitate online meetings and classroom experiences. Users can also use this request form to obtain a Zoom webinar license for an event.

If you are requesting a Zoom webinar license for an event that lasts longer than one day, please use the Additional Details field to outline the days required. Please note that the license is only available for a one week lease per request.

Request Mobile Devices and Technology Allowance

UND offers mobile devices or reimbursement of personal mobile device use for work purposes with appropriate authorization.

Webinar Support

Services in support of UND organizations conducting webinars

Zoom Cloud Storage Request

Users that intend to record their Zoom sessions to Zoom cloud storage will need to request it here each semester.

Note: Users only need to submit a request once per semester, regardless of how many courses they intend to use Zoom with.

Zoom Health License Request (HIPAA Compliant)

The Zoom Health License can be applied to a UND Zoom account and modifies the account to enforce advanced security settings to ensure that any Zoom sessions that the license holder creates and hosts will be either meeting or exceeding HIPAA security guidelines.