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Steps to forward all UND emails to a different email address.
You can add or change your profile photo in Microsoft 365 from, or while using Microsoft 365 applications on your computer or in a browser on your phone. Your photo will appear everywhere there's a profile photo circle in Microsoft 365.
Your NDUS account is your passport to all the UND systems. These credentials give you access to your UND email, Blackboard, Campus Connection, and almost all the other systems used by the university.
A complete guide to getting all your accounts and tech ready for your first semester at UND.
Steps to update the ListServ owner or subscriber email address.
Phishing email messages, websites, and phone calls are designed to steal money. Cybercriminals can do this by installing malicious software on your computer or stealing personal information off of your computer. More often than not, phishing messages follow a standard framework that can be easy to spot if you now what you’re looking for.
Students, faculty, and staff at UND use the Microsoft Office 365 email system, which is provided by the North Dakota University System (NDUS). Learn all about your UND Office 365 email.
The writing, formatting, and style standards for Knowledge Base Articles at UND.
Steps to update your personal email addresses in campus connection.
When you send email from your course, the recipients receive it in their external email accounts, such as Replies go to your email account, not to the course. You may want to set up a filter or message rule to easily group your course email into a single folder in your personal inbox.
How to set emails to forward from one Gmail account to another.
How to fix the autofill for addresses in Outlook.
Steps to forward an email to someone as an Outlook attachment.
Steps to backup your email in Outlook.
This article shows several options for archiving emails in Outlook.