Change My Email Address in Campus Connection for students

To Add or Change an Email Address Other Than Campus

  1. Log in to Campus Connection by clicking the link under the Logins section of
  2. Verify the page displays Student Homepage at the top. Click the Profile box.
    Student Homepage Button
    Profile Button
  3. From the Profile page, click Contact Details.
    Profile Page Column
  4. On the Contact Details page, under the Email section, click on the email address you want to change. If you would like to add a Personal, Business, or Parents'/Guardians' email address, click the button containing the Plus Sign.
    Contact Details Page
  5. In the popup window, you can change the selected email address, whether it's your Preferred means of email contact, or delete the address.
    Edit Email Popup
  6. Once you've made the desired changes, click the green Save button.
  • You cannot delete or edit the Campus email type, and it must be a valid UND email address. If you would like your Campus email address changed, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

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