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Step-by-step instructions showing how to change your password.
Steps to access and change your contact info in Campus Connection.
The NDUS.Identifier/username can be changed upon request due to changes to legal name, preferred first name, or a FERPA privacy request.
Step-by-step instructions on how to change your alternate email address to ensure your account is kept as safe as possible and you can self-reset your password without calling UND Tech Support.
Working in Microsoft Teams lets you work on files together at the same time. Also, messages about the document stay with it and will show up in your team conversations.
How to change how long Outlook 365 saves your emails.
Steps to update the ListServ owner or subscriber email address.
Instructions to change the login password on Mac.
Steps to change default audio on Windows or Mac.
You can change the possible points awarded for answering questions correctly in two ways. For both ways, new grades are recalculated for all previously submitted tests.
If you have a t.account and need to change your password, these step-by-step instructions will show you how.
Office 365 login credentials have been synchronized with NDUS credentials. Your email password is now the same as for Campus Connection, HRMS, and Blackboard accounts. In alignment with the Safeguarding UND initiative, the synchronization will allow implementation of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) in the near future further enhancing cybersecurity protections.
How to change Student Directory information in Campus Connection.
Steps to update your personal email addresses in campus connection.