Change Your Preferred Name for UND Systems

Last name (surname) changes must be made directly through HR or the Registrar, and must accompany legal documentation of the change. Please contact HR or the Registrar for more info on last name changes.

Students, faculty, and staff have the option to provide a preferred name that will appear in UND systems instead of their on-file legal name. Preferred changes can be made to the person's first name, middle name, name prefix, and name suffix.


  1. Log in to Campus Connection
  2. Confirm Student Homepage top center
  3. Select Profile tile
  4. Select Personal Details in left column
  5. Select Personal tab
  6. Select your name with the type “Preferred”
  7. Enter your preferred information, then save
  8. It can take a few days for all systems to reflect the change

Faculty & Staff

  1. Log in to Employee Self Service (HRMS)
  2. Confirm Employee Self Service is displayed in the the top right of the window
  3. Select the compass icon in top right under your username
  4. Select Menu
  5. Select Self Service
  6. Select Personal Information
  7. Select Name Change - Preferred
  8. Enter your preferred information, then save
  9. It can take a few days for all systems to reflect the change



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