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A complete guide to getting all your accounts and tech ready for your first semester at UND.
Steps to access and change your contact info in Campus Connection.
Your EMPLID will be included in an email from the university, or you can find it in Campus Connection.
The default email address used in Blackboard is your campus email address as listed in Campus Connection (students) or business email in HRMS (faculty/staff).
An official transcript is the University's certified statement of your academic record.The official transcript is printed on security sensitive paper and includes the University seal and the signature of the Registrar. Potential employers, graduate schools, other universities or colleges, and professional associations most typically request that the student authorizes release of an official transcript. For your protection, we will not release an official transcript without your authorization
If you are new to the North Dakota University System, your transcript evaluation of credits will be included in your admissions packet. If you already have a Campus Connection account within the North Dakota University System you will not be mailed data, rather you will be notified via Campus Connection of your transcript evaluation.
How to change Student Directory information in Campus Connection.
Steps to update your personal email addresses in campus connection.
Steps to enter Midterm and final grades in Campus Connection.
How to purchase a student parking permit.
Students can pay their UND charges online through Campus Connection. They can also create Authorized Users for their Campus Connection account to allow others access to be able to pay the bills.
A PDF and video tutorial for how to register for courses.
The Grade Roster is located in Campus Connection where final grades are posted. In the summer, the Registrar creates the grade rosters based on when the course ends. They are created on an individual basis. If the grade roster needs to be created sooner, an email must be sent to Ray Pospisil requesting a grade roster for the course.
After an instructor enters grades in Campus Connection, they need to mark the grades as approved. Once the grades are marked as approved, this gives the Registrar's Office the ability to 'Post' the grades to make them available to be viewed by the students in CampusConnection.
Your instructor will post your official final grades in Campus Connection. To access them, log in to Campus Connection and select Self Service. Next click Enrollments, and then View My Grades. Next select the term for the grades you wish to view.