Process for finalizing final grades in Campus Connection

After an instructor enters grades in Campus Connection, they need to mark the grades as approved. Once the grades are marked as approved, this gives the Registrar's Office the ability to 'Post' the grades to make them available to be viewed by the students in CampusConnection.

There are three stages in Campus Connection once grades are entered on the screen, Not ReviewedReady for Review, and Approved.

  1.   The stage or status must be set to Not reviewed to physically enter the grades.

  2. Ready for Review is usually used when a TA enters the grades and they need to be reviewed by the faculty member assigned to the course, or they are also used at midterms. Since the grades entered are not official they won't be marked as approved, but instead Ready for Review so they can be posted for the students to see.

  3.  Approved is only used for final grades that are ready to go on the student's permanent record.

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