Blackboard and Campus Connection Grades Integration

Blackboard/Campus Connection Grade Import is an integration that enables the instructor of record to import term-based final grades from their Blackboard course(s) directly into Campus Connection instead of entering grades manually. The option provides a one-way transfer of data and will help to ensure a secure and accurate recording of grades from Blackboard to Campus Connection.

All Blackboard course sites have a grade column in the Grade Center titled “CC Final Grade”.  This column has been pre-configured to be the default grade column to be used with the Campus Connection grade import.  This column is not required to be used.

More information can be found on the TTaDA and Office of the Registrar’s website. 

Note: To import grades from a merged course (a course comprising multiple sections), you must process each of its constituent child sections separately.


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After an instructor enters grades in Campus Connection, they need to mark the grades as approved. Once the grades are marked as approved, this gives the Registrar's Office the ability to 'Post' the grades to make them available to be viewed by the students in CampusConnection.