Blackboard Global Navigation and My Blackboard

After logging in to Blackboard, you will see the Institution page (in the main pane) and the Global Navigation menu (on the left edge of the window).

  • The Institution page will provide you with up-to-the-minute notifications and important news about technology at UND, such as system updates and outages.
  • The Global Navigation menu contains tools/links that may be used to move between different areas in Blackboard. You can use it to access any of your courses using the Courses link, or click the other links to find more information about all of your courses consolidated in one place. For example, the Activity Stream will show you new assignments, changes, and updates that have recently occured in all of your courses. All of the other menu links (like Calendar and Messages) will display the associated information from all of your courses in one place.

Screenshot of Blackboard's 'Ultra Base Navigation' user interface. The Global Navigation menu is accessible on the left, and the Institution page is visible in the main frame.


My Blackboard Tools

Blackboard navigation menu - Institution icon (building) Institution Page - Find information about UND and view important system notifications and updates.

Blackboard navigation menu - Profile icon (person) Profile - Make changes to your online persona. You can add a profile picture and information such as your name's pronunciation.

Blackboard navigation menu - Activity Stream icon (globe) Activity Stream - See the most up-to-date notifications from all of your courses in one place.

Blackboard navigation menu - Courses icon (book) Courses - View a list of all past, present, and future courses. Click the links to view any course that is currently open (available to students).

Blackboard navigation menu - Organizations icon (people) Organizations - View organizations you're a member of.

Blackboard navigation menu - Calendar icon (calendar) Calendar - See course events and due dates for all courses and organizations.

Blackboard navigation menu - Messages icon (envelope) Messages - View and send messages from all of your courses (visible in Bb only, not email).

Blackboard navigation menu - Grades icon (pen and paper with lines) Grades - Check your current grades across all courses.

Blackboard navigation menu - Tools icon (pen and blank paper) Tools - Access global functions that are outside of your courses, like your Content Collection and Portfolio.

Blackboard navigation menu - Notification Badge/Icon (number appended to other icons) Notification Badges / Icons - indicate how many new items are in each area.


Please see the Related Articles section (in the menu on the top-right) for more information about My Blackboard tools.


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