Blackboard is UND's Learning Management System connecting students, faculty and staff both inside and outside of the classroom. It is used for courses, organizations, committees, departments and groups.

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Starfish Retention Solutions is a system which assists with student retention, by identifying risk factors and connecting students with resources and support to help students achieve their academic goals.

Starfish can be accessed from the Blackboard login page. From the Blackboard login page, click on the Starfish module. You will log in to Starfish using your NDUS.Identifier (ex: username and password (same as used for Campus Connection and Blackboard).

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Pinned Article Assignment resubmission

Please contact the instructor to have them clear or ignore the attempt in Blackboard.

Pinned Article Blackboard Content Editor

The content editor is a platform-independent WYSIWYG editor based on TinyMCE and licensed as Open Source under LGPL from Moxiecode Systems AB. The content editor has a large number of new and enhanced features and serves as a replacement for the old text editor.

Pinned Article Check grades in Blackboard

To view grades for all of your courses, select the arrow next to your name in the upper-right corner. In the menu, select My Grades. You can sort your grades by All Courses or Last Graded. If your work hasn't been graded, grade status icons appear.

Pinned Article Submit an assignment

Steps to submit your Blackboard assignments.

Access to course after the semester ends

Semester-based courses will be unavailable to students approximately one week after grades are due. For instructors, courses will continue to be visible in Blackboard for one year plus a term before the course is archived and removed.

Add Files, Images, Audio, and Video

You can add files, images, audio, and video when you create content in your course. For example, in discussions, you can browse for a media clip from your computer or your course's file repository: Course Files or the Content Collection.

Blackboard - How to Change Your Profile Picture

This article explains how to change/upload your profile picture in Blackboard (using UBN/ Universal Base Navigation).

Blackboard - Known Issue & Solution

Using old/unsupported browsers may cause problems with Blackboard's text editor. Use the included links to check your browser version and update/install, if needed.

Blackboard Ally for Students

Ally creates alternative files that are easier to use by all students. Ally works within your online course so it's available right where you need it.

Blackboard Calendar

You can access the calendar from your course, from the Tools panel on the My Institution tab, or from the My Blackboard menu

Blackboard Discussions

The main discussion board page displays a list of forums. A forum is where participants discuss a topic or a group of related topics. Within each forum, users can create multiple threads. A thread includes the initial post and all replies to it. You can create forums and threads to organize discussions into units or topics relevant to your course.

Blackboard Error - "The specified resource was not found, or you do not have permission to access it."

This error may also occur after Blackboard course copies.  This is usually because the links are referencing the previous course, rather than updating to the new course.  The recommended action is to contact UND Tech Support and allow them to investigate.

Blackboard exam tips

Best practices for taking exams in Blackboard.

Blackboard Global Navigation and MyBlackboard

My Blackboard and the user menu are available everywhere in Blackboard Learn and give you a personalized view of your learning environment.

Blackboard Notification Settings - Customization for Students

This article for students explains how they can choose which course's notifications they get, as well as the format they receive them in.

Blackboard Student App - Overview & Troubleshooting

Blackboard's iOS & Android App for STUDENTS: information, installation, setup, troubleshooting, and how to find help. The Blackboard App helps students manage their courses, submit assessments, and easily communicate with instructors.

Blackboard student course population

It typically takes up to 2 business days for a student to be enrolled in Blackboard. If the student registered on a Friday or over the weekend, then he/she should be enrolled in Blackboard by the following Monday afternoon.

The timing of Blackboard access and course access may be different for Enroll Anytime (independent study) and non-credit courses as well as certain certificate programs that have flexible start dates.

Blackboard UBN (Ultra Base Navigation) - User Interface Update

Information about Blackboard's updated user interface, called 'Ultra Base Navigation'. This change only affects the main menu (seen immediately after login). The layout and function of individual course sites will not be affected by this update.

Blackboard uploading file size limit

Blackboard 9 has a file size limit of 250 MB.

Change Blackboard email address

The default email address used in Blackboard is your campus email address as listed in Campus Connection (students) or business email in HRMS (faculty/staff).

Check assignment grades

You can review the grades and feedback on your My Grades page. You can also access the assignment's Review Submission History page and review the grade and feedback in context. Assignments aren't graded automatically. Your instructor must grade each assignment.

Check that an assignment, quiz, or assessment has been received

Steps to check that your assignment has been submitted in Blackboard.

Create a Blog entry

Steps to create a blog entry in Blackboard.

Create and comment on Journal entries

You and your students can create journal entries. You're the only one who can comment on students' private entries. You and group members can comment on group entries. On the Journals listing page, information is provided about each journal. Students can see if their entries are private—between the student and you—or public.

Create and edit Wiki pages

Each newly created course or group wiki requires a home page. When you access a new wiki topic for the first time, you're prompted to create a home page. The home page always appears first in the wiki page list and the content is displayed when a user navigates to the wiki. Because the home page is first, you may want to add instructions here.

You or any course or group member can create the home page. No one can delete the home page, but if the wiki is open to editing, any course or group me

Create and manage Blackboard Tasks

You can access tasks from the Tools link on the course menu or in the tasks module on the course Home Page. Your instructor can also add a customized link to tasks on the course menu.

Customize courses in MyUND

At the beginning of a new semester Blackboard auto-populates added courses in so students can get access as quickly as possible. Removal of dropped or old courses typically begins the week after the start of a semester. You will not be billed for these courses and they should just disappear from your Blackboard. You can remove these courses from your MyUND page for easier navigation.

Find my assignments

Your instructor can add assignments to different areas of your course. You might access assignments from a link on the course menu called Assignments. Or, your instructor might incorporate assignments into each week's content. Ask your instructor if you have questions about how your course is organized.

Jump from one course to another

From one of your courses, you can conveniently access all of the other courses you're enrolled in.

Kicked out of an exam or quiz

Please contact your instructor. UND Tech Support is not able to reopen exams or quizzes.

Known Issue with Blackboard's 'Exam Feedback' Feature

NEW KNOWN ISSUE / PROBLEM with the Exam Feedback feature in Blackboard. There has been a change to the feedback functionality, and this may present a challenge to exam integrity. Please see the following article for a description of the problem, and proposed work-arounds.

Respondus LockDown Browser - Students

This article contains information for students on using the Respondus LockDown browser. Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom web browser that locks down the testing environment within Blackboard; test-takers are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. When an assessment is started, students are locked into it until they submit for grading. It is compatible with Mac and Windows.


Instructors can use the SafeAssign service to check submitted assignments for originality. SafeAssign compares your submitted assignments against a set of academic papers to identify areas of overlap between the submitted assignment and existing works.

Send email in Blackboard

When you send email from your course, the recipients receive it in their external email accounts, such as Replies go to your email account, not to the course. You may want to set up a filter or message rule to easily group your course email into a single folder in your personal inbox.

Student Groups

Instructors can create groups of students within courses. Groups usually consist of a small number of students for study groups or projects. These groups have their own collaboration areas in the course so that they can communicate and share files.

Your instructor places you in a group or allows you to select the group you want to join. Your instructor chooses which communication and collaboration tools are available to your group.

Submit a SafeAssignment

You can only submit a SafeAssignment once. If you want to edit, delete, or resubmit a SafeAssignment, contact your instructor and request that they clear your first submission. Please note that there is a file size limit of 10MB. If your submission is larger than 10MB, SafeAssign won't be able to process it.

Sync my Blackboard Calendar to Google Calendar

Sync your calendar with Google Calendar Integration

Get the most our of the calendar app by syncing it with your Google calendar. You can choose to sync from Google to your website calendar or both ways. This helps you, students, and parents be up-to-date with all activities scheduled!

TurningPoint Clicker is not syncing to Blackboard courses

If you find that your TurningPoint clicker is not syncing with your Blackboard course, you have probably set the account up using instead of

TurningPoint Response Systems

Audience response systems (clickers) allow students in the classroom to instantly provide feedback, answer questions, and vote.  TurningPoint is the standard adopted by the University of North Dakota.

Unable to log in to Blackboard.

The timing of Blackboard access may be different for enroll anytime (independent study) and non-credit courses and certain programs that have an alternate start date.

Unable to Open Microsoft Office Documents in Blackboard using Microsoft Edge Browser

The latest versions of Microsoft Edge offer the ability to open office files in the browser using Microsoft's  When this option is enabled, attempting to open Office documents from Blackboard may result in an HTTP 404 error, or the Word online application opens but displays the message "Sorry, there was a problem and we can't open this document. If this happens again, try opening the Document in Microsoft Word"

Use OneNote in Your Blackboard Course

A Quick-Start Guide Instructors - covering how to set up Microsoft OneNote's integration with your Blackboard course site. Students (and instructors) can collaborate and submit written assignments using this virtual shared notebook. Adjust the settings to provide a private, independent workspace, if desired.

View instructor feedback on a SafeAssignment

View your submissions and the SafeAssign reports associated with it by accessing the SafeAssignment after you submit your paper. This option is available only if allowed by your instructor.

Issues with MathType and Calculated Formula Questions tools in Blackboard

We are currently experiencing problems with the MathType and Calculated Formula Question tools in Blackboard. Both of the math editors display incorrectly, which may prevent users from inputting equations in the fields. A temporary workaround is available.