New Blackboard Mobile App for Students & Instructors

One Blackboard App for Everyone

During summer 2022, Blackboard launched an all new version of the Blackboard mobile application based on the desktop website version of Blackboard. It comes equipped with the same features, allowing users to seamlessly move their learning experience from their desktop to mobile and back.

The Blackboard app also combines the formerly separate student and instructor applications into a single unified experience, reducing the complexity of supporting multiple apps and allowing for a more consistent experience across user roles (student and instructor) and platforms (desktop and mobile). All users may download the same app, then log in to see student or instructor -specific content automatically.

Download the Mobile App

To get started, please visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and follow the instructions below:

  • Students using the old Blackboard application may update it to receive the new, consolidated version.
  • Instructors, Assistants, and Graders using the old Instructor app must download the new application and remove the old Blackboard Instructor version from their device. Support for the old instructor app ended in September.
  • New users may simply download the current Blackboard app from their device's app store.

Installation and Set-Up

The Blackboard app is compatible with devices running iOS 11+ or Android 6+. The screenshots below demonstrate first time set-up on iOS.

Screenshot of the Blackboard app installation and set up on an iOS device.

  1. Click the following links to download the app for your Apple or Android device -or- open your app store and search for 'Blackboard'. You may see more than one Blackboard app. Instructors and students will both use the version titled Blackboard (the 'Blackboard Instructor' app has been depreciated). Please select the version shown above.
  2. After the app has downloaded, open it and proceed with the first time set-up. You may be prompted to allow notifications (optional). Search for 'University of North Dakota' and select it from the drop-down menu. A check mark should appear to the right of the university field. Tap Continue with Web-Login to proceed.
  3. On the NDUS Portal Log-In page, enter your NDUS.identifier (firstname.lastname). This is the same username and password you use for Blackboard and email. Tap Log In to continue.
  4. Blackboard's Terms of Use document will appear. Tap Agree to finish setting up the app. Now you can use the app to access your courses, organizations, messages, and grades on Blackboard! Please see the following section for more information about navigation.

Using the Blackboard App

You can use the mobile app to do many of the same things you do on the regular Blackboard site. To get started, use the main menu (at the bottom of the screen) to navigate to the desired area:
Screenshot of the Blackboard App's menu options.

  1. Institution Page - Landing page displayed after login, where you can see important announcements from UND
  2. Stream - See an up-to-the-minute list of important course activity, including new content, announcements, and grades
  3. Courses - Lists your Blackboard courses – click any course to view your current grade, assessment due dates, announcements, messages, course content, collaboration tools, and discussion boards. The following are not yet available on the mobile app: blogs, journals, wikis, and contacts
  4. Calendar - Display a daily/monthly calendar with due dates and other important course and organization events (may not include all courses – instructors must opt in)
  5. More - Access additional Blackboard pages and tools. This menu's contents depend on your user role (instructor vs. student)
    • View Profile - View or edit your personal profile information
    • Organization - Access your Blackboard organization sites
    • Grades - View grades from all of your courses in one place
    • Institution - Access the UND landing page (shown in the 'A' screenshot, above) where you can view important information and announcements from UND
    • Tools - Access Blackboard tools like the Content Collection, Portfolios, Goals, Performance, App Authorization, Reports, and more
    • Messages - Send and receive course messages with text and media attachment options
    • Settings - Edit app settings, like notifications and offline content, get help, and review the service and institution policy documents
    • Feedback - Rate and review your experience with the app (information is sent to Blackboard only)
    • Log Out - Sign out of your Blackboard account



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