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How to use Blackboard's Ally feature to improve the accessibility of your course content.
This article covers the process to download students' assignment submissions/files: individually or in bulk. Local files are useful if you would like to mark them up in another application (Word) or if you will not have access to a reliable internet connection while grading. You may also wish to use this feature to archive submissions for later use. The article also covers the process of adding grades, comments, and uploading marked-up files to the Grade Center, so students can review them.
A guide to content management for YuJa users: upload content, edit existing content, manage available storage space (downloading & deleting content), and view storage quotas.
Information about the Blackboard app for mobile devices. This app uses Blackboard Ultra's Responsive Web Design to offer the same features as the desktop version of the website, making it easy to jump back and forth between mobile and desktop.
YuJa provides automatic voice-to-text captioning with an approximately 80-90% accuracy rate. The automated voice-to-text captioning process also creates transcripts that can be downloaded by the viewer, as well as edited by the Content Owner.
You can manage a variety of media content in the YuJa Platform. Management tools within Manage Media allow you to handle a variety of administrative tasks, including editing, sharing, deleting and publishing video content.
YuJa has the ability for the recording owner to allow created content, such as video recordings, as well as uploaded media to be made available for download. The download option must be enabled for each individual recording or media file.
Audience: Instructors
How to identify and bulk download your videos and media currently housed on YuJa – archive on OneDrive or save locally for later use.
Information on allowing downloads for all recordings published in a Course Media Channel, removing the need to individually activate downloads on recordings.
Downloading Media in YuJa
How to download and install the YuJa app for Mac, PC, and mobile devices.
To eliminate potential double entry of Grade Center data, you can perform offline grading and import grades into the Grade Center. You can also upload grades from external sources such as an Excel spreadsheet or a comma-separated values (CSV) file. You must format data specifically to upload correctly and to synchronize with existing Grade Center data.

You can also use Grades Journey to save and share grade information for individual courses and assignments if your institution uses this featu
Step-by-step guide to create an account, download, and install MATLAB.
This article shows how to download and install the Outlook plugin for LiquidFiles Secure File Share and where the plugin is found in Outlook.
How to downloads applications onto UIT Checkout iPads