Enabling Downloads for Course Media Channel

Content Owners can now enable download privileges for an entire course-level Media Channel to viewers.  This removes the need to update the download settings of individual recordings published to a course media channel.  Below are the steps to update the setting:


  1. Select Courses & Groups from the Main Menu button in the top right corner of your YuJa page.
    • Image of options available from YuJa Main Menu button.
  2. After selecting a desired course from the left navigation of the Courses & Groups menu, click the Edit button .
    • YuJa Courses & Groups Menu with a red box to highlight the Edit button of a course menu.
  3. Select Yes for "Enable downloading of Media Channel videos."  Then click Save.
    • Image of Edit Your Class menu from YuJa.
  4. The setting has now been updated for your YuJa course media channel.  All videos published to this media channel will be available to download to the students in the media channel.


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Tue 11/19/19 2:35 PM
Mon 5/4/20 12:53 PM

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