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Instructions for students on how to publish YuJa recordings to a course channel.
Instructors can set permissions to allow students to publish to a specific course in YuJa.
YuJa recordings are stored in the recording owner's folder in YuJa instead of being tied to a specific course. There are multiple ways to link YuJa recordings within a Blackboard course, you add a Course Channel and then Publish the videos to the appropriate course channel.
YuJa is a great tool for students and instructors to upload video lectures/assignments to share with the rest of the class.
Information on allowing downloads for all recordings published in a Course Media Channel, removing the need to individually activate downloads on recordings.
Use Teams on the desktop or web to delete files. Use SharePoint or OneDrive to recover them.
Your Activity feed is a summary of everything that's happened in the team channels you follow. You can get caught up with everything fast.
If you want to send an email to a channel in Microsoft Teams, use the channel email address. Once an email is part of a channel, anyone can reply to it to start a conversation.
To hold an open meeting with your team members, simply create a meeting in a channel.