Publish YuJa Recordings to a Course Channel

YuJa works differently from Tegrity, because the recordings are now stored in the recording owner's folder in YuJa instead of being tied to a specific course.  There are multiple ways to link YuJa recordings within a Blackboard course, but the way that is most similar to Tegrity is to add a Course Channel and then Publish the videos to the appropriate course channel.

View the step-by-step instructions below or watch this short video tutorial.

Creating a Course Channel Link in Blackboard

The first step is to create the course channel in each Blackboard course where you would like to have your videos appear.

  1. Access the Blackboard course where you would like to add the YuJa videos.
  2. To create the YuJa menu item in your course, click the plus icon in the upper left corner of the Course Menu, and choose the Tool Link option.
  3. Within the Add Tool Link pop-up, type a name (like 'YuJa' or something similar) and choose the UND YuJa option for Type. You must check the box to make the link available to users in order for your students to be able to view and access the menu item.  This can be done at a later time if you are not ready to make the content available at this time.
    Blackboard's 'Add Tool' pop-up link
  4. The YuJa link will now be added to your Blackboard course menu. Click the link to create the Course Channel in YuJa. 
    'YuJa' link in the Blackboard Course Menu


Publishing Recordings to a Course Channel

Once you have created the Course Channel link, you can publish recordings and they will be visible to students through the course menu item.

  1. Click the YuJa tool link from the Blackboard menu that you created using the steps above.  This will pass you through to YuJa.
  2. Click on Manage Media at the top of the screen, then click through the folder structure to locate the content you would like to "publish" to a course.  Note: some recordings may appear in your Default Collection.
    YuJa's 'Manage Media' button
  3. You can hover your mouse over any video and select Publish -or- Bulk Publish, to share several recordings at once: click on a recording to select it (a blue box will appear around it), and hold down the shift key (or click and drag) to select multiple recordings.  Then, click the ... More Actions drop-down in the top menu, select Bulk Publish
    YuJa's 'Publish' and 'Bulk Publish' menus
  4. In the Publish pop-up window, under All Channels, locate the course you would like to share the videos to, and click Select.  
    YuJa's 'Publish (video name here) to' menu
  5. The selected recordings will now be available to students when they click on the YuJa menu item in your Blackboard course.

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