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If you have a t.account these step-by-step instructions will show you how to get to your course in Blackboard.
Steps to copy or export a test/exam to another course.
Steps for where and how to purchase course textbooks.
Contact the Registrar's Office at 701.777.2711 to verify that your course has been posted to your transcripts.
If you're registering in Campus Connection and get an error message reading "Department Consent Required" it means that a permission number is needed in order to register. You will need to get a permission number and then use that number to register in Campus Connection. You can get a permission number by talking to your department.
You can control when your course is private—or unavailable—to your students. For example, you may not want students to access your course during the building process.
Steps to copy content from one area or course to another in Blackboard.
This method allows you to make a copy of your course on your computer or a CD-Rom. If you are developing a course or making major revisions to a course, you may wish to make a copy as a backup.
Steps to create a syllabus or upload a syllabus to your Blackboard course.
A request to combine multiple course sections into one Blackboard site may be submitted at:
Announcements are an ideal way to post time-sensitive information critical to course success.
You can link to an entire tool, such as the main blogs page, or drill in and choose a specific blog. You can also create a new blog while you create a tool link.
Steps to make a Blackboard course or organization available for a specific user.
You can search the content available to you in the Content Collection.
To request to have one of the following actions completed for your Blackboard courses, please complete a Blackboard request form located at