Add a co-instructor and/or graduate assistant to a Blackboard course

To add a Teaching Assistant, Course Builder, or other user (not regular students) to your Blackboard course, please submit a Blackboard Request Form.

  • Log in to the Bb Request Form using your NDUS.identifier (same login credentials you use for email or Blackboard).
  • Once logged in, follow the prompts to begin. Select ADD/REMOVE USERS from the menu at the top of the page, fill in the required information about the course and the user you would like to add, scroll down and click ADD REQUEST to save the completed form to your cart. This page will allow you to add multiple different requests to the cart, then submit them all at once. To add more requests, submit the first request, then use the menu at the top of the page to fill out another form.
  • When you're done adding requests, please check out using the shopping cart icon in the top-right of the page. Then click SUBMIT REQUEST to submit the form.
    Screenshot: Bb request form - final step: cart icon or checkout link
  • You must click SUBMIT REQUEST on the checkout page to send us your request. You will receive an email confirmation when your request has been received, and a second email when the user has been added to your course. If you do not receive the first email confirmation, your request did not complete. Please go back to the request form page to check your shopping cart and complete the checkout process.
    Screenshot: in the cart, select SUBMIT REQUEST to finalize the request

Shortcut to the Request Form in Blackboard

You can also access the form directly from Blackboard.  After logging in to Blackboard, click My UND at the top of the page. Then click UND Blackboard Support, and finally click the Blackboard Request Form link. You can follow the instructions above to fill out the form.
Screenshot: Blackboard page with link to the request form, under My UND > Bb Support  > Blackboard Request Form.

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