Publishing a YuJa Video to a Course Channel - Students

The following instructions are for students who have been asked to publish a YuJa recording to a course channel as a way of sharing their recording with the course instructor and fellow students.  Please note, the course instructor must allow students to publish to the course channel before the steps below will work.  Students may receive a permission error otherwise.

  1. Click the YuJa tool link from the course menu in your Blackboard course.  This will pass you through to YuJa.
  2. Click on Manage Media at the top of the screen, then click into the folder and locate the content you would like to "publish" to a course.  Note: some recordings may appear in your Default Collection.
  3. You can hover your mouse over any video and select Publish
  4. In the pop-up window that appears, go to All Channels and select the course you would like to make these videos available in and click Select.  

The selected recordings will now be available to your instructor and other students when they click on the YuJa menu item in your Blackboard course.


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