Get to my course

These instructions are for t.accounts (beginning with "t."), including:

  • Nutrition & Foodservice Professional Training Program (Dietary Manager Certification)
  • Medical Laboratory Science (M.L.S.)
  • North Dakota Real Estate Courses
  • Death Investigation Training
  • Child Welfare Certification Training
  • SIM-ND

How do I get to my course?

  1. Once you have your username and password, go to the Blackboard login page:
  2. Enter your Username and Password then click Login.

  1. In the green bar found at the top, click My UND.

  1. You courses will be listed. Click the course name to go into the course.

If you need more help, contact UND Tech Support by calling 701-777-2222 (remain on the line – do NOT press 1) so we can verify your account and assist you with the process of setting up your username and password. Hours of availability for tech support can be found at

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