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Step-by-step guide to create and account, download, and install MATLAB.
How to retrieve your NDUS account password.
Step-by-step instructions showing how to claim your NDUS account to gain access to UND systems.
Step-by-step instructions showing how to change your password.
You can access Liquidfiles Secure File Share through your browser at
Step-by-step instructions on how to change your alternate email address to ensure your account is kept as safe as possible and you can self-reset your password without calling UND Tech Support.
How to create a Mathematica account and request a license.
You may access the ConnectND mobile app link at
No. Faculty accounts are requested by the head of the department or the administrative assistant for the department after the faculty member is hired.

If you are unsure if you have a Blackboard account you can try logging in using your NDUS.Identifier and password (the same ones you use to log in to your UND computer or to HRMS).
Follow these steps if you need to sign out of Zoom and sign back using a different account.