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Presentation hosts can create a Vevox account or access an existing account by going to UND's Vevox login page and click "Login with SSO." Participants do not need to create a Vevox account.
Vevox is an easy-to-use platform that allows for the creation and deployment of polls, simple surveys, as well as allowing participants to submit questions to a Q&A board during sessions.
These step-by-step instructions will show you how to locate and open your course's Blackboard site.
If a user is unable to log in to their Blackboard account, or if their course is not listed on the Bb Courses page, please see this article for troubleshooting steps.
Follow these steps to sign out of a personal (free) Zoom account — then sign back in using your UND (professional-level) account. This will allow you to access paid features, such as extended meeting times and higher meeting capacity.
Steps to join a Zoom meeting when a login is required to join.
Zoom is a cloud-based videoconferencing and collaboration platform. With Zoom you have the flexibility to create virtual classrooms and invite students to join from their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Students can also share content from their devices such as PowerPoint presentations, and YouTube videos.  Zoom is available to all faculty, staff, and students for academic purposes.
The usage of Zoom has gone up exponentially and most of us have probably used it one time or another while working remotely. Some new features have been added including a Zoom plugin right on Outlook to make scheduling and attending online meetings simple. Below are some tips to enhance your Zoom experience.
The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is an all-in-one video experience to securely create, manage, discover, collaborate, and live stream video content across any device, at any time. This article contains instructions and resources for students to get started using YuJa.
YuJa is a great tool for students and instructors to upload video lectures/assignments to share with the rest of the class.
YuJa is a video platform that allows users to host video content and record video lectures that can be used as part of curriculum deployment.
A list of the systems used at UND, what they are used for, credentials used to log in, and links to respective pages.
Steps for signing into ProctorU using your NDUS account username and password.
Your NDUS account is your passport to all the UND systems. These credentials give you access to your UND email, Blackboard, Campus Connection, and almost all the other systems used by the university.
To log into SafeColleges go to and log in the same way you log into Blackboard, Campus Connection, or HRMS.

For the Username enter your NDUS identifier and for the Password use your Single Sign On password.