YuJa Video Creation and Content Sharing for Students

What is Yuja?

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is an all-in-one video experience to securely create, manage, discover, collaborate, and deliver video content across any device at any time.

Getting Started

Log in Information

  1. Go to https://und.yuja.com/ and click the Login button in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Sign in with your NDUS.identifier (just firstname.lastname) and password (same as Blackboard).
  3. OR you can click any YuJa link in your Blackboard course to open YuJa and be signed in automatically. (This is not recommended if you will be uploading larger videos. If you try to upload a video inside of Blackboard and the process/connection fails, go to the UND YuJa website and upload it directly, instead.)

Creating Recordings

All Users Instructions

Sharing Recordings

There are several ways you can share your videos. Please select from the following:

  • In Blackboard - Share a Link to the Video
    • Access the direct link or embed code for a YuJa recording, and copy the Direct Link. 
    • Return to the Blackboard course and open the assignment where you need to submit the video.
    • Click Write Submission, then paste (Ctrl+V or CMD+V) to add the copied URL to the text box inside of the Blackboard Assignment, then click Submit.
  • In Blackboard or YuJa - Publish Video to a Course Media Channel
    • Use the YuJa video's settings to select a course channel and share your video there. The original copy remains in your Manage Media files.
    • Note: Your instructor must have previously given permission for you to publish to the course channel. Check with your course instructor before using this option.
  • In YuJa - Share Your Video with Other Users Inside of YuJa
    • Grant access to another YuJa user, so they have full, edit, or read access to your file. Depending on the level you chose before sharing, they may be able to edit, share, or delete the file.​​​​​​​

Contact Us

Chat with Tech Support Submit a Ticket Call 701-777-2222

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