YuJa Video Creation and Content Sharing for Students

What is Yuja?

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is an all-in-one video experience to securely create, manage, discover, collaborate, and deliver video content across any device at any time.

Getting Started

Log in Information

  1. Log in to the UND YuJa web portal.
  2. Click UND credentials in the top right corner and click login
  3. On the NDUS Sign In page, enter your NDUS.Identifier username and password (same as used for Blackboard and Campus Connection).
  4. Click Sign In.

Creating Recordings

All Users

Sharing Recordings

  • Sharing a Direct Link in a Blackboard Assignment or Discussion Board
    • Access the direct link or embed code for a YuJa recording and copy the Direct Link. 
    • Return to the Blackboard course > open the assignment where you need to submit the video
    • Click Write Submission > Paste (Ctrl+V or CMD + V) to paste the copied URL into the text box in the Blackboard Assignment > Submit
  • Sharing Media Directly or Publishing to a Course Media Channel
    • Note: Your instructor must have previously given permission for you to publish to the course channel. Check with your course instructor before using this option.

Requesting Additional Storage

Additional storage may be available upon request.  Please complete a storage request form and we will review the request.

Contact Us

Chat with Tech Support Submit a Ticket Call 701-777-2222


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