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Benefits of Dropbox for Business (UND Approved Version):
FERPA Compliant
HIPAA Compliance is available, but not currently setup (Please call if needed)
1 TB of space for each user, space is shared University-wide.
Single Sign-on with UND Active Directory
Links to a personal Dropbox account for unified management. You will recieve 2GB of extra space for your personal files.
The storage limit for OneDrive for Business is 1 TB.
This is a step-by-step guide to change the permissions of folders and files that you have previously shared but found that other users cannot edit because they were shared as read only.
OneDrive Restrictions, Limitations, and Troubleshooting Tips.
Step-by-step instructions to move your files and folders from Dropbox to your computer and then to OneDrive.
Steps to share folders and files using OneDrive for Business.
Audience: Instructors
How to identify and bulk download your videos and media currently housed on YuJa – archive on OneDrive or save locally for later use.
The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is an all-in-one video experience to securely create, manage, discover, collaborate, and live stream video content across any device, at any time. This article contains instructions and resources for students to get started using YuJa.
Archived YuJa recordings can be restored by accessing the video under My Archive in the left navigation of YuJa's My Media area. Users can hover their cursor over the desired video and click Restore. Recordings should be accessible after the restoration process completes in 2-4 days, depending on current processing load of the archive storage service.
A guide to content management for YuJa users: uploading content, editing existing content, managing available storage space (downloading & deleting content), and storage quotas.
You can manage a variety of media content in the YuJa Platform. Management tools within Manage Media allow you to handle a variety of administrative tasks, including editing, sharing, deleting and publishing video content.