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A complete guide to getting all your accounts and tech ready for your first semester at UND.
Reset OneDrive to resolve some file sync errors.
Learn to use Software Center to install commonly used applications provided by UND IT on a university owned computer.
Did you know you have 1 TB of file storage at your disposal with Office 365? Like other cloud storage services, OneDrive let"s you upload, organize, and share files and folders --all from your Office 365 account.
This is a step-by-step guide to change the permissions of folders and files that you have previously shared but found that other users cannot edit because they were shared as read only.
How to save files to OneDrive online.
OneDrive Restrictions, Limitations, and Troubleshooting Tips.
Steps to share folders and files using OneDrive for Business.
The storage limit for OneDrive for Business is 1 TB.
Filter files to find recent documents, ones that have been created or edited in your channels, or downloaded to your computer.
Send a co-worker or entire team a notification to get their attention when you use @mention in Microsoft Teams.
In Microsoft Teams, you have the control to decide what notifications you receive, where you receive them, and how often you get them.
To hold an open meeting with your team members, simply create a meeting in a channel.
In Microsoft Teams, you can keep working even while you're in a meeting.
You’ve got a few search and filtering options to help you find messages, people, files, and other information shared in Teams.