UND General Tech Requirements for Students

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What kind of computer should I buy for school?

Warning! UIT does not recommend using mobile devices, tablets, or chromebooks as your primary work device as some systems and applications are not compatible. These do however make great auxiliary devices.

In general, any new Windows or Mac laptop or desktop you can find from a retailer should work well for your student work at UND. Choosing a Windows or a Mac machine is a personal preference and both are widely used and supported on campus. Did you know UIT offers free student computer support and we are Apple-certified?

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Minimum operating system guidelines

Warning! All software/systems may not be compatible with each operating system.

Windows 10 or newer

Mac OS 10.13 or newer


Danger! Not recommended for primary device due to lack of app compatibility. UND University IT (UIT) does not provide support for Linux operating systems.


Danger! Not recommended for primary device due to lack of app compatibility.

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Does UND offer any computer discounts?

UND offers student discounts on both Windows and Mac computers. Additionally, your student fees include repair and warranty work at our Service Desk location in the Chester Fritz Library.

Dell Discounts for Windows Users

Apple Discounts for Mac Users

UND Bookstore Tech Deals

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Computer peripheral recommendations

Headset with microphone

A USB headset with noise-cancelling microphone is recommended.

Shown: Logitech H390 USB Headset

Logitech H390 USB Headset


Most laptops come with an internal webcam and this should work just fine for course work at UND. Desktops usually do not come with internal webcams however. Look for something that will easily connect with USB.

Shown: Logitech C Series C930

Logitech C Series C930 webcam

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Internet connection guidelines

Wired Ethernet 

Best! This is the best option for online live class sessions and taking exams and quizzes in Blackboard. A minimum of DSL/Cable (512kbps) is recommended. Check your Internet connection.

Wireless WiFi

Warning! Not recommended for online live class sessions and taking exams and quizzes in Blackboard since wifi signals can unexpectedly drop.

Wireless Satellite

Danger! Not recommended for online live class sessions and taking exams and quizzes in Blackboard since satellite signal can be dropped.

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Software recommendations

Adobe Reader DC

Adobe Reader DC is a free PDF viewer that lets you read, search, and print any PDF file.


Blackboard Learn

Blackboard is UND's Learning Management System connecting students, faculty and staff both inside and outside of the classroom. It is used for courses, organizations, committees, departments and groups.


Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace is a shared virtual server for students to access educational apps from their own devices without the added expense of costly programs. Some popular apps UND provides on Citrix include SPSS Statistics, Minitab, Multism, ANYSYS Slwave, and CHEMCAD. 


Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus

All UND student, faculty and staff use the Microsoft Office 365 email system provided by the North Dakota University System (NDUS) and includes the Microsoft 365 Apps suite which includes Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more.


UND Software Store

Additional software can be purchased at a reduced rate through the UND Software Store. 


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Popular Programs/Majors with specific requirements

Aerospace Sciences

Distance Engineering Degree Program

Law School

Non-Degree Students


Or, Find Your Program/Major...

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