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Info! This service is only offered to current UND students, faculty, and staff. If you are no longer a student, or employed by UND, your access may be revoked at any time. Typically, faculty and staff will have access revoked immediately after losing employment. Student access is extended for up to 18 months before the account is queued for removal.
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log into this system with user.name@ndus.edu

  1. Your email is available on UND.edu by clicking on the Logins dropdown in the menu, then selecting Email. Or go directly to the login page at Outlook Web Access

Login shortcut found on UND.edu.

  1. Sign in with your user.name@NDUS.edu (ex: jane.doe@ndus.edu)

Email log in

  1. On the next screen, provide the password you created when you claimed your NDUS account. It is also used to access Campus Connection and Blackboard.

  1. When you log in for the first time, you will need to specify your time zone so your messages are time stamped correctly.
  2. You may be prompted to authenticate with Duo MFA. 
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Navigate Office 365 Email

Access Email & Office Apps Delete Email Send Email Create a Custom Email Signature Install Office 365

Access Email & Office Apps

Info! You can use Office apps online. These online apps work through a web browser and make work shareable for easy collaboration. To access them, click the app menu in the top left and select the Office product you want to use, like Word.
  1. Click the Outlook app from the menu. This will open the standard Outlook mail view.

Click the Outlook app from the menu. This will open the standard Outlook mail view.

  • Your mail folders are located on the left.
  • New emails can be found in your Inbox.

Your mail folders are located on the left. New emails can be found in your Inbox.

Delete Email

  1. To delete a single email, hover the message and click the trash can icon.

To delete a single email, hover the message and click the trash can icon.

  1. To delete multiple emails at once, again hover over the email. 

To delete multiple emails at once, again hover over the email.

  1. A checkbox will appear.
  2. Place a check next to each email you want to delete and from the top menu, select Delete.

Send Mail

  1. To send a new email, select the + New in the top menu.

To send a new email, select the + New in the top menu.

  1. You can type in the To field, or click the To button to select from your Contacts.

You can type in the To field, or click the To button to select from your Contacts.

  1. Type in a Subject and then your message. 
  • You can add attachments from the top menu as well.
  1. When your message is composed, click Send.

Create a Custom Signature

Info! UND faculty and staff should adhere to the UND Branding Guidelines. See the UND branding guidelines for email signatures.
  1. After you have successfully logged into your Office 365 email, click the Settings icon, scroll to the bottom and select View all Outlook settings.

After you have successfully logged into your Office 365 email, click the Settings icon, scroll to the bottom and select View all Outlook settings.

  1. In the Settings window, select Mail, then Compose and Reply.

In the Settings window, select Mail, then Compose and Reply.

  1. Compose your signature in the editor.
  2. Click Save when done.

Install Office 365

Your Office 365 account also lets you install the full-featured suite of Office apps on up to 5 personal computers simultaneously.

  1. From the Microsoft 365 home page select Install Office.

    Screenshot of Office.com if signing in with a work or school account
  2. Select Office 365 apps to begin the installation.

  3. Depending on your browser, select Run (in Edge or Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox). If you see the User Account Control prompt that says, Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? select Yes. The install begins.

    Shows the progress dialog box that appears when Office is installing

  4. Your install is finished when you see the phrase, You're all set! Office is installed now and an animation plays to show you where to find Office applications on your computer. Select Close.

    Office is installed now. Select Close

Info! Upon first launch of one of the newly installed Office apps, you will be asked to license your copy of office. You will use your user.name@NDUS.edu credentials to license the app. You may need to sign in a second time to associate the apps with your office account.

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Setup on Mobile Devices

Warning! When setting up mobile email, you must use your user.name@NDUS.edu and the same password as used for Campus Connection.


Click to set up Outlook for Android  Click to set up Office for Android

Remove Email from an Android

Use the instructions below to remove an Exchange account on your Android device. These steps apply to devices running Android 2.2 or above.

  1. Go to Applications > Email. The Email screen will open.
  2. On the Email screen, bring up the settings menu and tap Accounts. The Accounts screen will open.
  3. Press and hold the Exchange Account you want to delete until the Menu window opens.
  4. On the Menu window, click Remove Account. A Remove Account warning window will open.
  5. On the Remove Account warning window, tap OK or Remove Account to finish. You have successfully deleted your Exchange account.

iPhone & iPad

Click to set up Outlook for iOS  Click to set up Office apps on iOS

Remove Email from an iPhone or iPad

Use the instructions below to remove an Exchange account on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. These steps apply to devices running iOS 5.5 or above.

  1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. The Accounts screen will open.
  2. On the Accounts screen, tap the Exchange Account you want to remove. 
  3. Scroll down and click Delete Account. A Delete Account warning window will open.
  4. On the Delete Account warning window, click Delete Account to finish. You have successfully deleted your Exchange account.

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Troubleshoot Email

Unable to login: Restricted Countries and Regions

Microsoft products and cloud services are subject to U.S. government jurisdiction and may not be exported without authorization to nations commonly referred to as country Group E. Microsoft may not export without authorization to:

  •    Cuba*
  •    Iran*
  •    North Korea
  •    Syria
  •    Region of Crimea

See, the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Supp. 1 to Part 740. And with regard to region of Crimea, (EAR) 746.6.

* In regards to Iran and Cuba, recent changes to the US sanctions may apply. To determine eligibility of your transaction, please consult the OFAC Iran Sanctions Resource Center , the US BIS Cuba Guidanceand OFAC Cuba Guidance.

Incorrect password error

  1. Be sure you are logging in with user.name@NDUS.edu, not @UND.edu.
  2. Use the same password as Campus Connection.

Email login gives white screen

We have found that if you've accessed Outlook.com previously, it may have an issue with an older cookie. The work around for this is to clear your cache, clear your cookies, and then restart your browser.  How do I clear my browser's cache and cookies?

Change my Office 365 email credentials to log in to a different account

  1. Go to: https://login.microsoftonline.com.
  2. Select: + Use another account.
  3. On the Sign in screen, type: user.name@NDUS.edu
  4. Click Next.
  5. On the NDUS login page, type in your Campus Connection/Blackboard/HRMS password.
  6. Click Sign in

Emails gone after long inactivity

If you don't log in for 180 days, any mail messages stored on the student e-mail server will be deleted, but the account itself will remain. If you log in after a 180-day lapse, you can resume using email services but all your old messages will be gone.

Retrieve email from quarantine, even without a notification email with the list

  1. Go to https://protection.office.com/?hash=/quarantine
  2. You may be asked to log into your UND email and authenticate with Duo MFA.
  3. Select the email(s) you want to retrieve and you will be prompted to release or delete them.

Office 365 email limits

The maximum number of message recipients allowed in the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: fields is 500.  The maximum number of e-mail messages that can be sent from a single e-mail client per minute is 30. The client is identified by the user account.

The maximum number of recipients that can receive e-mail messages sent from a single cloud-based mailbox in a 24 hour period is 1,500.  After the limit has been reached, messages can't be sent from the mailbox until the number of recipients that were sent messages in the past 24 hours drops below the limit. The recipient rate limit applies to messages sent to recipients inside and outside your organization.

Additional limits are:

  • Message size limit     150 MB
  • Subject length     255 characters
  • Files attachment size limit (Outlook)     150 MB
  • Files attachment size limit (Online) 35 MB

Forward all Office 365 emails to another account

  1. Begin by logging into your UND Office 365 account at https://outlook.office.com.
  2. In the top right, select the Setting icon.
  3. Type Forward into the Search Outlook Settings bar and select Forwarding.

Type forward into the settings bar

  1. Check Enable forwarding, enter the address to forward to, and when done click Save. All emails sent to your UND Office 365 account will be forwarded to the account of your choosing.

Click enable forwarding

Info! If you would like to keep a copy of all your messages in Office 365, check the box underneath.

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