Archive email in Outlook

Archive in cached mode

If you are using cached mode, ensure you are displaying all email.

  1. Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings > Select your email account in the list > Change.
  2. Move the Mail to keep offline slider to the right to All; select Next > Finish.

Search and archive

You can search for large emails and archive those as needed. To search for large emails:

  1. Click Folder > New Search Folder.
  2. Scroll to the Organizing Mail section, and select Large mail.
  3. In the Customize Search Folder section, click the Choose button.
  4. In the Show mail greater than: box, enter the number of KB that you want to search on. Make this a large number, such as 35000 KB, and click OK.
  • If you do not have any mail that size, the folder will be empty.

Manually archive individual messages

  1. You can right click on a message and choose Archive.
  2. You can also drag a message to your Archive folder.

To select a range of messages

  1. Click the first message you want to archive then hold the Shift button on your keyboard and click the last message and it will select all the messages between.
  2. You can then drag them or right click and select Archive.

Manually archive multiple messages       ​

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