UND uses Microsoft Office 365 for university email, which also includes calendaring and storage options.

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Microsoft TEAMS

Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration on files), and application integration. The service integrates with the Office 365 subscription office productivity suite and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive is the Microsoft cloud service that connects you to all your files. It lets you store and protect your files, share them with others, and get to them from anywhere on all your devices. When you use OneDrive with an account provided by your company or school, it's sometimes called OneDrive for Business.

Outlook Desktop App

The Outlook Desktop Client (installed software) Outlook is the email application of the Microsoft Office suite. The desktop version of Outlook is locally installed on the computer.


OneNote is Microsoft's application for digital note taking that is available on all your devices with an internet connection.

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Pinned Article Install Microsoft Office 365 Apps

Your Office 365 account also lets you install your favorite Office programs onto your desktop.

Forward an email as an attachment

Steps to forward an email to someone as an Outlook attachment.

Microsoft meeting transcripts

This article links to Microsoft's information regarding their meeting transcripts product.

Office 365 Calendar

One of the Office 365 products available from the app menu is Calendar. Your calendar is synced with your other Office 365 apps. So if you accept a meeting appointment from your adviser, it will show in your calendar.

Upgrade to Office 365 on a UND owned Windows computer

Instructions on how to delete an older version of Office and install Office 2016.