OneNote is Microsoft's application for digital note taking that is available on all your devices with an internet connection.

Articles (8)

Access OneNote from a browser

Directions to access OneNote from a browser.

Create new, open existing, and switch between notebooks

Steps to create a new OneNote notebook, open a different notebook, and switch between multiple notebooks,

Take notes with OneNote

How to take notes in OneNote., including how to type notes, add a page, rename a page, add a section, and rename a section.

Search and find notes

OneNote can help you find notes no matter where they are with just a few keywords.

Share your notes

How to share your OneNote notes.

Organize your notebook

This article shows various ways to personalize and organize your OneNote notebooks, including showing navigation panes, move and copy pages and sections, and rearranging pages or sections.

Save an email or meeting to OneNote

How to save an email or meeting from Outlook to a OneNote page.

Recover lost OneNote pages in Windows

Restore lost or missing OneNote pages to your Notebook in Windows 10.