Connect to the UND Wi-Fi networks

The University of North Dakota's network provides secure access to the internet and administrative systems.

Students, faculty, and staff can connect to the network on campus, or off campus via the UND VPN. Wireless networks are available on campus to UND faculty, staff, and students, their sponsored guests, and members of the eduroam federation.

Info! UND Secured is the safest option for your devices. To get set up on UND Secured, connect to UND Open first.



UND Open

Unencrypted network intended for the UND community needing short term access to wireless. It will require authentication with UND credentials. The user will need to authenticate daily.

 Warning! It is recommended that students, faculty, and staff connect to the “UND Secured” as it offers complete encryption between endpoints.
  1. Navigate to the UND Wireless Network Access page.
  2. Select the 10 Hour Access button.

Select the 10 Hour Access button.

  1. Enter your NDUS credentials, followed by pressing the Login for 10 Hour Access button.

Enter your NDUS credentials, followed by pressing the Login for 10 Hour Access button.


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