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What is eduroam?

Eduroam allows educators to use their home campus username and password to access Wi-Fi from any eduroam hotspot throughout the United States. When a faculty, staff or student from UND attends any campus throughout the US who has eduroam enabled, they can easily access wireless using their current username and password.

The eduroam SSID is on everywhere on campus except:

  • Residence halls
  • Dakota Hall
  • REA

A list of institutions that use eduroam can be found on eduroam's website.

How do I use eduroam?

As a guest at UND

Wherever you see ‘eduroam’ appear in your list of Wi-Fi networks, you can get online using your institutions credentials.

At another institution

When traveling to other Eduroam-participating institutions, University faculty, staff, and students can connect to Eduroam wireless networks using your NDUS credentials.

  • Username:
  • Password: Your NDUS Password


  1. Go to your device's Wi-Fi settings and select eduroam and join.
  2. Enter your credentials:
    1. Username: 
    2. Password: Your NDUS Password
  3. If prompted, allow eduroam to install the security certificate.
  4. eduroam network settings, if needed:
    • SSID eduroam
    • Network Authentication: WPA2-enterprise
    • Data Encryption: AES
    • Authentication type: PEAP
    • Authentication protocol: MS-CHAP-V2
    • User Credentials: NDUS active directory
      • Please use

 Visit eduroam's website for more information, including a list of frequently asked questions.

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