Request an Extended Guest and Affiliate Access

! Questions regarding the process of becoming an affiliate should be directed to HR at 701.777.4226

An affiliate account may be needed if an individual is not part of the University but needs access to resources for an extended amount of time (over 7 days) or more than just network access is required.

Affiliate access gives more than just wireless access. It can also give access to an email account, Active Directory (AD) and more. AD access allows the user to log into campus computers and would also allow access to a shared network drive.

  • If you only need temporary network access, then please contact the department you are visiting or consulting with.
Open and fill the Application for ND Affiliate Status:

Application for UND Affiliate Status

Affiliates @ UND Form Instructions

An affiliate of UND is an individual brought to the campus at the request of a UND sponsoring department. The sponsoring department is required to fill out the Affiliates @UND form and obtain the appropriate signatures to ensure the affiliate is able to access the proper services. If a U Card is needed by the affiliate, the individual is responsible for payment of the U Card fee at the time of issuance.

Please follow these line-by-line directions when filling out the form.

Affiliate Name and Date of Birth:

Be sure to verify the correct spelling of the affiliate’s last, first and middle names and attain an accurate date of birth. In addition, and when appropriate, be sure to identify any other names by which the affiliate may have been known.


The EMPLID # is the “key” to the affiliate being able to access services. This is always a 7 digit number that usually starts with a zero. If an affiliate has ever been employed by UND, another North Dakota University System institution, or state agency or has been a student at a North Dakota University System institution, they will already have an EMPLID #.

  • If any of the answers to the questions are yes, the same EMPLID # will be used during the time the person is affiliated with campus.
  • If the answer is no, a new EMPLID # will be assigned.

Home (Local/Permanent) Address:

This is the home (local/permanent) address of the affiliate. If the affiliate has a cell phone #, it would be used for notification in case of a campus emergency.

On Campus Address:

Name of department, building name and room number, and campus phone # where the affiliate can be reached.

Affiliation with UND:

Clearly state the purpose for affiliate to be on campus.

  • For Emeritus Professor’s be sure to list department and Emeritus here.
  • Ex. Communications Professor Emeritus.

Dates Affiliate will be on campus:

Beginning date is the first date the affiliate will be on campus and will need access to services. The ending date is the final date the affiliate will be on campus and will need access to services. If the affiliate received a UCard, it will expire on this date. It is the obligation of the UND sponsoring department to ensure the affiliate’s status is terminated once their work on campus is complete. This is accomplished by providing an ending date on this form.

Services Affiliate will be Utilizing:

Please check all that apply. Some services require the affiliate to have a U Card, for which the affiliate will be charged $20 for the card. Further, some services are only available by purchasing them.

  1. Campus Libraries
    1. U Card required
  2. Dining Center Meal Plans
    1. U Card required.
    2. Meal plans must be purchased.
    3. Contact Dining Services at 7-3823 for arrangements.
  1. Wellness Center Membership
    1. U Card required.
    2. Membership plan must be purchased.
    3. Contact Wellness Center at 7-WELL for arrangements.
  2. UND Housing
    1. Housing services must be purchased.
    2. Contact UND Housing at 7-4251.
  3. UND Building Keys
    1. Key request form is available on the UND Facilities website at:
  4. UND Parking Permit
    1. Permit application is available on the UND Parking website:
    2. Permit must be purchased.
  5. UND Network Access
    1. Once EMPLID # is activated or assigned, affiliate will have network access.
    2. If you only need temporary network access, then please contact the department you are visiting or consulting with.

Signatures must be obtained in order requested with the Vice President or designee being the final signature.  Form will not be processed unless all signatures are obtained.

Requested by (Sponsoring Department/Program/Unit):

Name of departmental contact sponsoring the affiliate, department name, department #, signature, phone # and date. This should be the name of the person to be contacted if there are questions or additional information is needed.

Sponsoring Department/Program/Unit Chair/Head/ Contact:

Name, department name, signature, phone # and date. This is the department chair or head of the program or unit sponsoring  the affiliate.

Authorized By:

Vice President or Designee of the sponsoring department.

Vice President’s office will forward form to Human Resources and Payroll Services, Stop 7127 for approval and assignment of Emplid #, if required. Human Resources will forward to the U Card Office if a U Card is required for the affiliate to access services. Affiliate will be responsible for the payment of the U Card fee at the time of issuance. Affiliate will not be able to obtain a U Card until the U Card Office receives the completed form from Human Resources.


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