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Can I take courses if I am not an admitted student?

If you are not yet admitted to UND as an undergraduate student, you have two options for taking online courses. You can apply for full admission as a UND student through UND Enrollment Services or apply for admission as a non-degree-seeking UND student. Complete instructions are found at

Do I have to be admitted to take the math placement exam?

You must be admitted to UND and have your student ID number to take the Math Placement exam. Once you have paid your $35 admission fee and have your student ID number, the exam itself is free of charge. You can find all the information you need at

How can I find out my admission status for my undergraduate application?

For undergraduate applications, you can inquire with Undergraduate Admissions at (701)-777-3821.

How can I find out my admissions status for my graduate application?

For graduate applications, you can inquire with the Graduate School at 701-777-2784 or check online in My GradSpace.

How do I take the math placement exam?

UND offers a math placement exam. It is a proctored (supervised) test offered through the Math Department to make sure you have the prerequisite skills needed to succeed in the math courses you plan to enroll in. For more information, click:

How will I be notified of my admission status?

You will receive a letter in the mail with your admission status as well as your registration information.

How will I know if my admissions application is missing information?

Once an application is received it is put into the system. All items not received are noted on a postcard and sent to the prospective student. Please note these are being sent to the address on your application. If you need to change your address, you will need to contact the admissions office at (701) 777-3821 or and make the change. They will send postcards again every month until they receive all the information.

What are the admission guidelines to be accepted as a transfer student?

If in your previous college work your GPA was a 2.0 or higher you will be admitted to UND. If your previous college work GPA was below a 2.0 a letter is sent to the academic department for review to determine if student should be admitted with contingencies or if they should do some course work through a local community college.

What are the steps for admission for international students?

Steps for International students to apply to UND.

What are the steps for admission for transfer students?

Steps for transfer students to apply to UND.

Why would I have to apply for re-admission?

Undergraduate students who take a semester off or do not complete a semester (not including summer) must apply for readmission. You must complete the Readmission form through the Registrar's Office. For more information and the form, visit: