uPrint Prices & Locations

Info! uPrint allows students to use the $8.00/semester Student Technology Fee (STF) allocation preloaded on their uPrint account for printing.

Printing Prices per Page

Black & White Pages   $ 0.06

Color   $ 0.35

Warning! Duplexed prints (front and back) are considered as two pages

Printing Locations

Info! All printers are able to print black and white (B/W).
Warning! Web print will not print duplex in color, but you should be able to from a lab printer.
Building/Room Color Options Duplex (2-sided)
Abbott Hall 212 B/W Duplex
Abbott Hall 343 B/W Duplex
Airport Admin Charlie Briefing Room B/W No
Airport Dispatch 2nd Floor B/W No
American Indian Center Lobby B/W No
American Indian Center 115 B/W No
CEC, 145 Computer Lab  Color Duplex
Chester Fritz Library, 2nd Floor to the right of the Service Desk Color Yes
Columbia Hall Atrium, by Honors Color Duplex
Columbia Hall 2923, outside of the Computer Lab B/W No
Education 1st Floor  B/W No
Gamble Hall, 1st Floor Hallway B/W No
Gamble Hall 115 B/W No
Gamble Hall 115 B/W No
Gamble Hall 115 Color No
Gamble Hall, 2nd Floor Hallway B/W No
Gamble Hall, 3rd Floor Stairwell B/W No
Gillette Hall 1  B/W No
Harrington 124 B/W No
Harrington 215 B/W Duplex
Hughes Fine Arts, 2nd Floor Lobby B/W Duplex
Hyslop 215 B/W No
Johnstone Hall by the Service Center B/W Duplex
Law School 120 Color No
Law School 120 B/W Duplex
Law School 260 B/W No
Law School 306 B/W No
Leonard Hall 102 B/W No
Leonard Hall 326 B/W No
Med School E203 B/W No
Med School E203 Color Duplex
Med School E301 B/W Duplex
Med School E302 B/W Duplex
Med School W307 B/W Duplex
Med School W308 B/W Duplex
Med School E401 B/W Duplex
Med School E402 B/W Duplex
Med School W407 B/W Duplex
Med School W408 B/W Duplex
Memorial Union 300 Color Duplex
Merrifield 1st Floor B/W No
Noren ground floor B/W No
Nursing 110  B/W No
Nursing First floor Hallway B/W Yes
Nursing 314 B/W No
Odegard Hall, in the Link to Streibel Hall B/W Duplex
O'Kelly, Basement Hallway Color Duplex
Robin Hall 200 B/W Duplex
Ryan Hall 162 B/W Duplex
Selke ground floor B/W No
Smith basement vending area B/W No
Squires dinning center B/W No
Starcher 130 B/W No
University Place 100, located in the East Lobby B/W No
Upson I 218 B/W Duplex
Upson I 222 B/W Duplex
Upson II, 1st Floor Hallway Color Duplex
Upson II 264 B/W Duplex
Walsh Hall by the Service Center B/W Duplex
Wilkerson, 1st Floor by ResNet Color Duplex
Wilkerson, 1st Floor by the Pride Center B/W No
Witmer Hall 2  B/W No

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