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Account & Password Issues

Get help logging into Campus Connection, Blackboard, Office 365 email, HRMS, UND Wireless Network, and all the other systems used at UND.

Aviation Information Management System (AIMS)

Get help with AIMS.

Aviation Systems Support

Faculty and staff, get help with your UND-owned desktop or laptop or printer.



Get help with all things Blackboard related.


Classroom Troubleshooting

Request technical support for a computer or other devices in a classroom.

Cloud Storage

Get help with Microsoft OneDrive.

Computational Research Center Service Request

Request accounts within research or request help within research computing environments.

Computer Lab Support

Request technical support for a computer lab.

Cybersecurity Report

Report security concern to the UIT Cybersecurity team


Device Registration (Residence Halls)

Register your device (gaming console, smart TV, streaming device) to be used on the residence hall network.

Digital Media Instructional Design

A Digital Media Instructional Designer aids faculty in generating and implementing more interactive and creative solutions for your learners’ needs. Examples include interactive media, such as videos, voices recordings, interactive learning modules.



Get help with Eduroam wireless network on campus.

Equipment Checkout

Check out equipment, such as laptops, Chromebooks, MIFIs, and projectors/screens.



GradeScope can check and grade multiple choice questions

Guest Services

Guests can request support for technical issues.


Institutional Repository

Institutional Repository for UND Chester Fritz Library.


Library Systems

Are you having problems accessing Chester Fritz Library's resources, such as articles, journals, or databases? Get help with library systems that provide access to local and remote information in support of teaching, learning, and research.


Makerspace Services

The Maker Space services such as 3D printing are available to all UND students, faculty and staff with a valid U Card. Get help or information about Maker Space services on campus.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor authentication is an online security system for your sensitive and personal information. It requires more than just a password for access. The goal is to create a layered defense for your data so that an unauthorized person finds it more difficult to access. If your password becomes compromised, there will be another level of security to keep your information safe.

Get help with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), setting up YubiKey or Duo on your devices.


Network Issue

Report problems with UND networks.


Online Tutoring & Training

Get information on UND-licensed solutions for online tutoring and training, like Hoonuit, and SMARTHINKING.


Proctoring (UND Proctoring System)

Get help with proctored exams, including designating a proctor, setting up a proctored exam, and help for proctors trying to log into the system, accept designations, and find exam passwords.


Report Phishing

Report a phishing attempt by forwarding the email to

Request/Change Department Software Coordinator

Software for use on UND-owned machines can be purchased for UND staff, faculty, and administrators through a Department Software Coordinator. This service submits a request to become or change the Department Software Coordinator.

Research & Surveys

Get information and training on various research, statistical, and survey tools offered at UND.

ResNet Services

Report issues with devices or internet connections in the Residence Halls.


Secure File Sharing

Services that provide a secure computing environment for end users. Includes network security, system security, application security, etc.

Software Troubleshooting and Support

Request software help.


Tech Support Request

The Quick-Ticket Submission option creates a general ticket to UND Tech Support. It is perfect for any issues not found under Service categories. This option allows anyone to get tech support, whether they have a UND account or not, since log in is not required.

TurningPoint Response Systems

Request help with TurningPoint Response Systems.


UND Department Email Request

For requesting department email accounts for Office 365

UND Email and Calendar

Get help with your UND email account on all your devices.


For requesting a TEAM in Office 365

uPrint Issues

Students can report issues with the uPrint system or print kiosks.


VPN Request

Request VPN access.


Webinar Support

Services in support of UND organizations conducting webinars


Zoom Health License Request (HIPAA Compliant)

The Zoom Health License can be applied to a UND Zoom account and modifies the account to enforce advanced security settings to ensure that any Zoom sessions that the license holder creates and hosts will be either meeting or exceeding HIPAA security guidelines.