Get Started with YuJa Proctoring for Students

First Time Set-Up

Before using YuJa proctoring for the first time, you must download and install the YuJa Software Capture application. Using screen capture and your webcam, this application creates a recording of your exam session which is then shared with your instructor. YuJa Software Capture is a one-time download, so you won’t need to repeat this download and installation process for your next exam. Note: even if you have already downloaded and installed YuJa on your computer; if you haven’t used it for proctoring, you will need to uninstall it, download the latest version, and install that instead. The proctoring feature was added recently, and previous installations may not have included it.

To get started, log in to Blackboard and navigate to any course that uses YuJa. Check the course menu (on the left side of the page) for a link titled YuJa Recordings, or something similar*. Click the link, and the UND YuJa site will open within Blackboard and log you in automatically.

Select 'YuJa' from the Blackboard Course Menu. Alternatively, select 'Tools', then 'UND YuJa'.

*If you don’t see a YuJa link, click Tools (also in the course menu) then UND YuJa (may be near the bottom of the Tools page) -or- or log in directly at using your NDUS.Identifier username and password - the same login you use for Blackboard and your UND email account.*

At the top of the YuJa homepage, click CREATE RECORDING, and a pop-up will prompt you with a link to download and install the recording software (available for Mac and PC). Note: We recommend re-installing the recording software every couple of months to ensure you are using the most current version.  This may be espcially important prior to a high-stakes exam. After it’s installed, clicking START within the same pop-up will automatically open the desktop application.

Click 'Create Recording' at the top of the page, then click 'Download' to install YuJa Software Capture. Once you have installed this program, you may click 'Start' in the same pop-up to begin your recording session.

The first time you use YuJa Software Capture, you will be prompted to log in.

  1. From the first drop-down menu, select Single Sign-On.
  2. From the second, select University of North Dakota: UND. Then click SIGN IN to be redirected to UND’s YuJa log-in page.

Sign in using: single sign-on at University of North Dakota UND, using your NDUS.Identifier username (first.last) and password (same as your email).

  1. Enter your NDUS.Identifier username and password and click Sign in. This completes the installation – you may close the window and return to your Backboard class site. YuJa will continue to run, and can be accessed by clicking the  icon in your dock/taskbar.

Begin Your Proctoring Session

In your browser, navigate back to your Blackboard course and folder containing the exam you will be taking with YuJa Proctoring. Click the YuJa link to relaunch YuJa within Blackboard, then...

  1. Click Create Recording. This time from the pop-up menu, click the drop-down menu and select Start an exam proctoring session.
  2. A second drop-down will appear where you can Select a Course/Group - select the course for which you will be taking this exam.
  3. Make sure the correct course is selected, then click the blue START PROCTORING button. You will be presented with the Exam Proctoring Agreement. Read the policy, then click I Agree to continue to the proctoring session and launch YuJa Software Capture.

Click 'Create Recording' (at the top of the page), then select 'Start an exam proctoring session' from the drop-down menu. Then click 'START PROCTORING' to begin.


After launching the YuJa desktop software, you must configure the sources/inputs and click START to begin the recording – it will not begin automatically!

  1. Once YuJa has launched, check the video and audio inputs (in the menu on the left) by clicking the arrow next to each category to expand the section.
  2. You may select different sources for each using the drop-down menu under each section.
  3. Make sure that the correct webcam is visible in the preview window...
  4. ...and check your microphone (see your audio capture levels in the sound bar).

Confirm that the correct video and audio inputs are selected (in the menu on the left), confirm your identity with your photo I.D., then click 'START' to begin your proctoring session.

  1. Click PHOTO ID to verify your identity by taking a picture of your UND U Card. Hold your card up in front of your computer’s webcam and click TAKE PICTURE to capture a photo. Verify that the all of the information on your U Card is visible and the image is clear and in focus, then click CONFIRM.
  2. Finally, click START to begin recording your session.

*note: SCREEN, LIVE, and PROFILE menus are locked during proctoring sessions, and Session name/description is auto-filled. Audio, video (screen capture), and webcam sources are required to continue. You must verify your identity with a photo ID to proceed.

Begin Your Blackboard Exam

Now that the recording is active, maximize or re-open your browser window, navigate to your exam in blackboard, and begin. You may minimize the YuJa window – the Software Capture application will continue to run in the background while you take your exam, recording from the sources selected in the last step. The YuJa window may be re-opened by clicking the YuJa icon icon in your dock/taskbar.

If you close the Software Capture window, you may re-open it by clicking the YuJa icon in your dock or taskbar. Your session will continue (with YuJa running in the background) until you click the red 'FINISH' button.

The counter at the bottom of the window displays recording status and time elapsed. The pause recording feature is not available in proctoring mode, so once the recording has begun it must be completed without breaks.

Submit Your Blackboard Exam & End the YuJa Proctoring Session

When you are finished with the exam (and have clicked Submit to turn it in), stop the recording by clicking the red square icon in the recording toolbar (YuJa red square icon - stop recording!) -or- click the FINISH button in the Software Capture window. Alternatively, you may use the following keyboard shortcuts to end the recording: Shift+⌘+F (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+F (PC). Then click Yes to confirm that you would like to finish the session.

Proctoring session Finish Confirmation window - click Yes to end recording session!

 The recording (as well as your ID card verification image) will automatically upload to YuJa, and will saved to your instructor’s folder - no further action is required for students.

  1. A progress bar indicates the upload's progress.
  2. Do not exit the application or close/sleep/shut down your computer until the process is complete!

Recording upload progress bar - when file upload is complete, you may close the window.

Once the file upload is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from YuJa containing the course title and your session's date/time stamp. Because the file is uploaded to a secure YuJa folder, no changes may be made to the recording (unless the instructor grants you access or transfers ownership of the file to your YuJa account). If the Software Capture application is still running, you may now close it by right-clicking the YuJa icon icon in your dock/taskbar and selecting Exit.


Upload Problems? Please see this Knowledge Base article to troubleshoot!


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