Yuja Proctoring - Common Issues and Fixes

Common Issues and Fixes

These troubleshoot fixes are intended to correct issues encountered with YuJa Proctoring, but should also work with standard recordings.

Recording Not Uploading:

  • Wait for upload to complete (utilize upload queue to measure progress)
    • Example of Mac Upload Queue
      YuJa Mac proctor recording upload queue example
  • Change from wi-fi network to wired network (wired network may have increase speed and stability)
  • Restart computer (may re-initiate upload processes and push upload to completion)

Confirm that Recording has Uploaded:

  • YuJa will send a system-generated email to the recording creator when a recording has successfully uploaded (even proctoring recordings).
    • Proctor recording emails include the recording course and date/time stamp
      • Sample email for YuJa Proctoring Recording:
        • Hi <Name of Creator>,

          Your proctoring session for <Course Name> on <Date/Time Stamp> has been uploaded

          Yours Collaboratively,
          The YuJa Team

    • If proctor recording has been uploaded to the wrong course, students should contact UIT at 701.777.2222 or submit a ticket.

Class Not Listed as Proctoring Option:

  • Student should click "UND YuJa" under Tools in the desired Blackboard course.  This will populate the course enrollment into YuJa and add the course as an option for YuJa Proctoring.
  • Faculty should activate proctoring for the course.  Steps of process can be found on this YuJa support page.
    • Faculty may be unaware that proctoring is not set up for the course.  It is recommended that students contact their instructor if they suspect this to be the case.

Change Camera and Microphone:

  • Selections of audio and video devices should be made prior to starting a recording.  Steps, including a screen shot of the recording software suit, can be found in this YuJa support article.

Update Recording Software to Latest Version:

  • YuJa Support Article: Install Recording Software (article covers Windows, but Mac installation follows similar process)
    • If running a version of YuJa Software Capture that is more than a year old, it may be beneficial to uninstall prior to installing the newest version.
    • Newer versions of YuJa Software Capture utilize an auto-update feature.
  • YuJa Support Article: Update Windows Software Capture (Mac Software Capture follows similar process)
  • System Requirements for YuJa Software Capture:
    • YuJa Support Article: Windows
    • YuJa Support Article: Mac

Invalid Proctor Setup Detected:

  1. Users can correct this by clicking OK.  This will close the YuJa Software Station. 
  2. The user will then need to connect a webcam to their computer. 
  3. After the camera has been connected the user should be able to start the YuJa Proctoring session without encountering this error.

Disabling Screen Saver:

  • Some instructors utilize paper based exams that result in long periods of time without interacting on the recording computer directly.  In these cases, it can be important to disable or extend the time period before the computer's screen saver turns on (which potentially suspends the computer or recording session).  Below are instructions on accessing screen saver settings for Windows and Mac.


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