YuJa Software Capture Service Not Running

YuJa may run an error in low percentage of cases where the computer services that allow the YuJa Software Center to upload a recording are stopped and require reactivating.  The error reads, "The YuJa Software Capture Service does not appear to be running.  Without the Service running, your capture will not be uploaded.  Please restart the Service through Windows Services or by restarting the computer.  If this message persists, please contact support@yuja.com."  Below is a screen shot of the error being presented.

YuJa Software Capture Error Regarding Windows Services Not Running

This error may be addressed in one of two ways.

  1. Restart the computer to restart the services.
  2. Open the Windows Services by searching for "Services" from the Windows search bar. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Services list and select the two YuJa services, then click on either Start/Restart those services.

The YuJa services should now be running and the pending recording should begin uploading.

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