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A description & proposed solutions for the Zoom 'bad request / unauthorized' issue.
Provides instructions for making Zoom recordings available to users that are not logged into their Zoom accounts.
Fixes for common VPN issues.
If you are trying to schedule an appointment with your adviser through Starfish and receive an error: "Online appointments are not available" then that indicates your adviser is not using the Starfish system. 

In this instance, please email or call your adviser.
The latest versions of Microsoft Edge offer the ability to open office files in the browser using Microsoft's  When this option is enabled, attempting to open Office documents from Blackboard may result in an HTTP 404 error, or the Word online application opens but displays the message "Sorry, there was a problem and we can't open this document. If this happens again, try opening the Document in Microsoft Word"
YuJa Proctoring requires a webcam to function. Users may encounter an error message if they do not have one connected.
Instructions to resolve the "Fix It" error seen by students attempting to take a RLDB exam.
Using old/unsupported browsers may cause problems with Blackboard's text editor. Use the included links to check your browser version and update/install, if needed.
This error may also occur after Blackboard course copies.  This is usually because the links are referencing the previous course, rather than updating to the new course.  The recommended action is to contact UND Tech Support and allow them to investigate.
If you receive an error when attempting to view a grade attempt in Grade Center, check to see that a Category has been assigned to that grade column in GradeCenter.
Grading a column that you created manually in Blackboard will give you an Access Denied error (red bar) if the category for that column is set to the default "No Category." The error can occur upon viewing an attempt in the Grade Center as well. Change the category to another type, such as assignment, homework, etc. You will then be able to enter a score in the student cell.
How to fix the license renewal problem encountered when updating Respondus 4.
The YuJa Software Center may encounter an error where the underlying services stop running. This error requires the services to be restarted to allow a YuJa recording to upload.