Respondus Exam Authoring Tool - 4.0 License Renewal - Known Problem & Solution

The information below refers to an issue with licensing renewal for the Responus Exam Authoring Tool.


Attempting to update Respondus 4.0 fails. This is because an update to Respondus 4 occurred over a year ago (version 4.0.8) that resulted in a change to the licensing system. If the instructor using Respondus 4 hasn’t updated their application since that time, the renewal for their license won’t work properly. (Fortunately, instructors have been prompted to update older versions of Respondus 4 at least once monthly, so most have done this.)


For instructors who haven’t updated their Respondus 4 application over the past year, the solution is to start the Respondus 4 application and select Help > Check for Update from the toolbar. Once the update is complete, the new licensing will work.


Important Note: After August 31, 2019, instructors who haven’t yet updated to Respondus 4.0.8 will need to reinstall the application. That’s because they will no longer be able to start Respondus 4 to use the Check for Update feature.


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