Respondus Exam Authoring Tool


Respondus Exam Authoring Tool is used for creating and publishing exams directly to Blackboard. Exams are created offline in Microsoft Word or in rich text format, then that file is imported into Respondus, where you may adjust the exam settings and upload it to a chosen course in Blackboard.  The software provides many time-saving tools such as equation editors, web links, and multimedia functions.  Application available for Windows only.

Blackboard also has a built-in option to write questions offline in a text file and upload it into tests, surveys, and question pools.  After you upload the file, you can edit and use the questions exactly like the questions that you create inside your course.  Information on this feature can be found on Blackboard's Help Page.

NOTE: If you are looking for information on the Respondus LockDown Browser, used to secure exams in Blackboard, please view the Respondus LockDown Browser article.


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