Set up the Respondus Exam Authoring Tool server to publish to Blackboard

The Respondus Exam Authoring Tool is used for creating and publishing exams directly to Blackboard. Exams are created offline in Microsoft Word or a rich text format.  The software provides many time-saving tools such as equation editors, web links, and multimedia functions.  Compatible with Windows only.This article covers how to set up Respondus to publish tests to a Blackboard course. 
If you are looking for information on securing exams with the Respondus LockDown Browser, please view the Respondus LockDown Browser article.

Publish to Blackboard

  1. The Publish to Blackboard wizard is available from the Preview & Publish menu and guides a user through the steps of publishing an exam to the Blackboard server. You must already have a Blackboard account and password in order to use this task. 
  2. The second step requires that information be entered about the Blackboard server and the user account. (This information can be stored for future use, enabling this step to be bypassed after the initial setup.) From the Blackboard Server list, select “Add New Server.” A window will open.
  3. Enter Blackboard Server address:
  4. The default “server port” is 80.
  5. Now provide a short description for the Blackboard server. The server can be called anything you like, such as “My Blackboard courses.” If more than one Blackboard server will be accessed, you will want to select a name that helps differentiate the two servers.
  6. Enter your NDUS.identifier and password. This information should be the same as what is entered when using a web browser to access your Blackboard course. If you want Respondus to remember the User Name and Password for future sessions, select the “Remember my User Name...” setting. Click [OK] to close the Server Settings window.
  7. Before clicking [Next], be sure you are connected to the Internet.
  8. Click [Next] to continue. The Windows hour-glass will appear momentarily. If the connection is successful, the next page of the wizard will appear. If the connection is unsuccessful, an error message will indicate that Respondus was unable to connect to the server using the provided settings. If this occurs, troubleshoot it as follows:
    1. On the next page of the wizard, you are prompted to select a course from the pull-down list.
    2. After selecting the course, decide whether to create a new exam or replace an exam that already exists in the Blackboard course. To create a new exam, select that option and enter a name for the exam. To replace an existing exam, click the “replace existing exam” option and select the exam from the pull-down list. (Note that an exam can only be replaced if it has not yet been administered to students.) 

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