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How to use Blackboard's Ally feature to improve the accessibility of your course content.
This article covers the process to download students' assignment submissions/files: individually or in bulk. Local files are useful if you would like to mark them up in another application (Word) or if you will not have access to a reliable internet connection while grading. You may also wish to use this feature to archive submissions for later use. The article also covers the process of adding grades, comments, and uploading marked-up files to the Grade Center, so students can review them.
A guide to content management for YuJa users: upload content, edit existing content, manage available storage space (downloading & deleting content), and view storage quotas.
Blackboard has a file size limit of 2560 MB.
This article provides the digital file retention policies and timelines for removing digital content.
YuJa is a great tool for students and instructors to upload video lectures/assignments to share with the rest of the class.
Audience: Instructors
How to identify and bulk download your videos and media currently housed on YuJa – archive on OneDrive or save locally for later use.
Downloading Media in YuJa
How to create a link in your Blackboard course to other users' public or shared YuJa videos.
Return to the page where you originally submitted this assignment. Click on the link to the assignment. In the submission history, check the date/time of your submission. This is proof you submitted your assignment, and the instructor would have this information as well.
The content editor is a platform-independent WYSIWYG editor based on TinyMCE and licensed as Open Source under LGPL from Moxiecode Systems AB. The content editor has a large number of new and enhanced features and serves as a replacement for the old text editor.
Instructors may follow these steps to enable SafeAssign (an automatic plagiarism scanner) for any written assignment in Blackboard.
PowerPoint has built in audio features that are great for adding audio to slides to create mini lectures and presentations that are easy to edit.
This article shows how to download and install the Outlook plugin for LiquidFiles Secure File Share and where the plugin is found in Outlook.
How to use LiquidFiles Secure File Share within Outlook using the plugin.
*This option is for Windows computers only.