Respondus Exam Authoring Tool - Instructor Installation/Updates & Setup

This article provides instructions for installing and updating the Respondus Exam Authoring Tool (for Windows only).  The Respondus Exam Authoring Tool is used for creating exams offline (in Word or RTF) and publishing exams directly to Blackboard. The software provides many time-saving tools such as equation editors, web links, and multimedia functions. For more information about using Respondus, please see their help page or refer to the instructor user guide. Instructions for publishing/exporting exams to Blackboard can be found in our other Knowledge Base article.

If you are looking for information about Respondus Lockdown Browser (used by students to access and take secure exams), please see our articles for instructors or students, instead.


Before You Start Uploading Exams: How To...

Install Respondus

Before installing Respondus Exam Authoring Tool, review the system requirements. Please note that this software does not work on Mac operating systems.

  1. Download Respondus 4.0 Campus-wide Edition.
  2. When completed, double click on the file and choose "run" to install the program on your computer.
  3. Download and install the latest Respondus 4.0 Campus-wide Edition update, even if this is a new installation. Follow the link, click 'Respondus 4.0 Updates', then be sure to select the 'Campus-wide Version' patch. This update is required before the licensing information will be accepted.
  4. After installation is complete, open the program. The license screen will appear. Enter the licensing information below:
Institution Name: University of North Dakota
Local Support Contact(s): Chad Bushy (, Dara Faul (
Installation Password (valid through the end of July, 2024): Y2407I924432509R5a5bebb78ab6819c


Keep Respondus Exam Authoring Tool Updated

The majority of errors when working with the Respondus Exam Authoring Tool occur because the user does not have the latest update installed. You can avoid these errors by keeping your software up to date.

  1. When you open the Respondus software, click on help in the menu, then click on Check for Updates.
  2. Keep updating until you see the message that you have the latest version.
  3. Visit the Respondus Patch page and download the latest patch for Respondus 4.0 Campus-wide Edition.
  4. Install the update.


Update License/Password – Existing Installations

The Respondus license updates every year prior to August 1st.  All existing Respondus users will be prompted to enter the new Installation Password.  Enter the new Installation Password listed above and click License.  Selecting Renew Later may result in using a temporary trial version and not being able to publish tests to Blackboard.  You may be prompted to update Respondus after adding the new license password.  Allow the updates to complete before using Respondus.


NOTE: There is a known issue with license renewal for outdated versions of Respondus 4. Please see this article for a description of the problem and solution.


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