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You do not need to activate your Microsoft Office. Instead, you need to ensure that you are logged into Microsoft with your email address.
Your Office 365 account also lets you install your favorite Office programs onto your desktop.
Steps to update your email in Mac Outlook.
To edit the properties of a distribution group, you must be an owner of the group.
Instructions to remove your UND Office 365 email account from a mobile device (phone and tablet).
Instructions to change the login password on Mac.
These are the steps to install Cisco AnyConnect VPN.
Step-by-step instructions to map a UDrive, NetStorage, S Drive, department drive, etc. on both Windows and Mac computers.
Steps showing how to open and save files within Citrix apps.
the cross site tracking option needs to be unchecked to use touchnet in Safari 12.1+
Your computer already has some accessibility features. You can find some of those here.
This is the alternate SPSS solution if SPSS will not work in Citrix. This is not to be installed on UND issued equipment.
All UND owned computers connecting to UND network are required to have university’s antivirus software.
Steps for SPSS users to download, install, and set up Citrix Workspace. Also, how to open files from your desktop into SPSS and how to save files from SPSS to your desktop.
A step by step guide to check for and install updates for both Windows and Mac computers.