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After you submit a Blackboard assignment or exam, your instructor will review the answers and award a point value for each response. Additionally, they may choose to provide more detailed feedback to help you interpret your score. The type of feedback available to students depends on the Blackboard settings chosen by the instructor, and may include: overall grade with comprehensive evaluation, status of each answer (correct/incorrect), personalized analysis of each answer, assessment in relation to a rubric, recorded audio response from the instructor, and more! This feedback may be made available immediately after submission, after the due date, or at another time of your instructor's choice – this also depends on the exam or assignment's settings.

This article will explain how students can access different types of exam feedback. If you are an instructor and would like to review the different options available to you, please see this article. You can find instructions for leaving overall feedback here. Work on this Knowledge Base article is ongoing, beginning with the most common type of feedback for individual questions. Future updates will include all of the feedback options available in Blackboard.

Access Exam Feedback for Individual Questions

Some types of questions, like essay and short answer, are evaluated by the instructor manually (on an individual basis). In addition to marking your answers correct/incorrect, instructors may provide a short explanation of why your answer received the given point value. You can review the feedback left for each answer to help improve your performance in future exams. To access your instructor's comments: navigate to your course site in Blackboard, click My Grades (1), click the name of the exam (2), click the number under Calculated Grade (3), and see the Review Submission page. Feedback for individual answers can be found under their corresponding questions. 

Click My Grades, the exam or assignment's title, then the Calculated Grade number to view feedback on a per-question level.

Access Other Types of Feedback

This section is coming soon – please check back for updates! In the meantime, you can find more information about Blackboard's My Grades tool here, or see the following links for more information:


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